Key & Peele Recap 2×04

by on October 19, 2012

Da Struggle was this week’s opening, a socially conscious video about poverty and social inequality…. for the first thirty seconds. The collaborative artist enters and takes the video in an entirely different direction coming onto the scene with his crew, diamond encrusted gear, and vulgar lyrics about women’s breasts. Oh the trails of rap collaborations. This week sketches include:

The retired killer
It’s the opening to most action movies. Some very important official tracks down the retired assassin who’s gone off the grid and asks him to do this really big job. Key and Peele’s movies takes a different turn when the government official simply wants a recommendation. Unfortunately that’s not Decker is expecting and urges the general to test his strength to prove himself. He fails, ending with three gun wounds and the general killing him.

The substitute teacher

It’s often the kids who are responsible for driving the substitute crazy but what if he shows up that way. D-nice gets in trouble for mispronouncing her name Denise along with Aye Aron for saying his name is Aaron, and Balakay who says his name is Blake.

Connecting the dots
No bachelor party is complete without a stripper and some bup bup bup. What is that? It’s something all the guys are excited about until best man Trey goes into an ambiguous clarification that suggest they all have sex with each other.

Bald Brotherhood Gang
At Poppy-ridge Maximum Security Prison Lewis Lawrence is beginning his life sentence and knows he must pick a gang to survive, so he chooses the bald gang. The bald gain is unique since it isn’t a gang at all. They’re a group of racist skin heads that Lewis, a black bald man, is convinced he’s joined despite the brutal beatings they’ve given him.

Fun Sized
Being biracial is hard when you appear to be black but certain “parts” are “white”. It shouldn’t matter to this high school student since the girl he’s hoping to get lucky with is white, but it turns out her “parts” are “black”.

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