Keyshia & Daniel: Family First Recap 1X01

by on October 12, 2012

It’s finally here!! BET’s latest reality show, Keyshia & Daniel:  Family First, the spin-off from Keyshia Cole’s first reality TV show Keyshia Cole:  The Way It Is, which lasted three seasons, premiered this week.   This first episode introduced us to Keyshia’s new husband, NBA star Daniel Gibson, their two year old son DJ, and his in-laws.  Keyshia’s family, including her dynamic and unpredictable mother Frankie, was also in attendance.

The show begins with flashback scenes from her former show, where we see Keyshia struggling to mend torn and broken relationships between family members.  Heated arguments (mainly between sister Neffe and Frankie) and fiery counseling sessions took a toll on the singer-songwriter.  Keyshia also touched on the fact that she had “given up on love”, and wanted a “good man”.

We begin a week before their wedding in Houston,TX  where Keyshia and Daniel are spending quality time with their son DJ, in what looks like the most awesome playroom I’ve seen for a two year old; with a big play house, cars, slides , and an adult-sized ball pit…  Y’all know the one they banned from Chuck E Cheese!

Daniel opens the scene explaining why he loves Keyshia and how he told the whole world that he had a crush on her before they met.  There’s an interview flashback where a reporter mistakenly stated that he was NOT single , and he proclaimed that he was and added, “the only way I won’t be single is if Keyshia Cole call me today.”  Speaking it into existence…You Go Boy!!  Keyshia reveals that she never thought it could happen to her (finding love) and how truly blessed she felt to have him in her life.

Daniel, then, gives us some background on his life growing up in Houston, Tx.  How he would come home at times to find eviction notices on the door and being taken in by his great-grandmother, who was instrumental in saving him from heading down that rough road and encouraging him to focus on basketball.  The way he speaks of his great-grandmother would make any woman’s heart melt.

Next, Daniel’s mild-mannered family is introduced to Keyshia’s more lively one for the first time at a house barbeque and Frankie takes this opportunity to let them know how she felt about them all being together and how she’s proud of her daughter for doing something she wasn’t able to do- being a mommy- due to her own personal struggles.  Daniel’s time at the gathering is bitter-sweet as he reminisces about his great-grandmother and how much he would have liked for her to share in these moments and how he “would give anything just to talk to her one more time”….another melt moment!

We continue with Daniel taking Keyshia to his great-grandmother’s (whom he looks at as his guardian angel’s) gravesite to share in his ritual of leaving flowers, speaking heartfelt words, and the release of balloons.  She passed away before he went to college, but he promised her he’d go to the NBA and, more importantly, when he got married he would treat his wife the way that she raised him- with Love, Honor and Respect!!!  We are really getting to know and like this man… Keyshia, who was afraid of being in the cemetery, kept her composure while at the same time showed support and compassion to her emotional mate.  Daniel pointed out that she’s not comfortable showing emotion.  Does he know her or what?  They walk away with Keyshia playfully grabbing his butt…

Finally we are in Hawaii, WEDDING TIME!!!  The couple had previously gotten married in Vegas but has flown both their families out to this beautiful, tropical location decked out with waterfalls and a plush house to give Keyshia the “wedding of her dreams”.   Everybody is lounging, playing dominoes (a west-coast favorite pastime), having cocktails by the pool, and enjoying the lap of luxury.  Daniel even takes a private moment to work on his vows, it’s pretty euphoric.   And then….

Later that evening at the luau things take a slight turn.  It’s the night before the wedding and Keyshia, who was previously excited about having some time to chill out while her moms (Frankie and adopted mother Yvonne) take baby duty, is irritated to find that they are mixing and mingling while she tends to a fussy two-year old.  Frankie is spotted dead-center in a circle of hula girls dancing (yall know Frankie!!), and Yvonne is yapping it up as the hostess-with-the-mostess until she meets Keyshia’s rolling eyes and cold attitude.  Seriously, whose night is it?  Daniel to the rescue!  He calms his fiancé before a mini bridezilla surfaces and the night is not lost…everyone continues to have a great time!!

WEDDING DAY!!!  Bride and groom in separate quarters getting geared up for the moment.  Keyshia in hair and make-up, glowing and amazed at the fact that she never thought she could trust a man enough to marry him, but she did.  Daniel, ‘casket-sharp’,  gets words of wisdom from his grandfather, married 49 years…as he tells him, “You gon’ have to give and take, and you gon’ wind up taking a lot more than you give if you want to keep your family together.”  We could all use some of that advice.  The scene is fairytale-made beautiful and elegant with horse and carriage, a sheer white cascading seating area, and matching gazebo.  The wedding party flows in as nerves and excitement fill the atmosphere waiting the big moment….and this is where we are left.

All-in-all this episode was a very loving and smooth entrance for the series.  Season previews show that we will see much more unfold in the weeks to come as balancing demanding careers, love, and family, and road-blocks will prove to be challenging tasks for the newlyweds.  Do you think they can make it work?  Is Daniel Gibson too good to be true?  …And where in world was Neffe? who we didn’t catch sight of at all?

Next week, be sure to tune in as Keyshia and Daniel speak those magic words:  I Do!!!

BET, Tuesday 10pm.

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