Key & Peele Recap 2×05

by on October 27, 2012

“Hey dummy, look, Iran is on the sea. Syria is two goddamn countries this way” word from President Obama’s anger translator Luther greets us this week in the opening of the show as the president recalls the last few weeks of debates. “Two, one, Obama, game, set, match, touchdown, checkmate, can we get back to work now!” The week sketches include:

Bone thugs and homeless bone
Things aren’t how they use to be back in the day when rap groups ruled the music industry. With very few present today, what do the ones who once were rap about? Check out the transition this once famous group made in their new video.

The Doggy’s Den
Always check the schedule before volunteering to fill in for someone. Reporter, Brock Favors learned that the hard way this week substituting on the day demonstrations are given on how K-nines catch criminals. After having a complete meltdown, screaming a number of profanities, and getting bit in the crotch, I’m sure reporter Favors substitute days are over.

The Coming Out Game
You can say as much as you want except the name of the celebrity or part of their name. A fun game taking place between four friends one night takes a awkward turn when one of the players thinks the description “pretend to be straight but he’s really gay”, “Livin da vida loca”, is referring to him.

Front Hand, Back Hand
Front Hand Back Hand is a game similar to Fifty-two Pick Up in the essence that it’s really not a game at all, but a trick to hound the person you pick to play. Well, Tyrell doesn’t grasp the concept when he chosen to play Front Hand Back Hand, and after receiving a number of front hand and backhand slaps forces Lawrence to quit the game.

Ordering Pizza
The people taking your delivery order can be so judgmental, so you won’t appear extremely greedy, replace the “I” with a “we” and pretend others are in the room when you order. Hopefully the pizza guy taking your order doesn’t fall in love with one of the imaginary people you’ve created and suddenly killed to avoid detection like what happened in this sketch.

The Original Free Runner
Harriet Tubman led hundreds to freedom, those that could keep of course. In this Sketch Ms. Tubman intimidates the following slaves with her extraordinary flips, tumbles, and jumps as they head to freedom to the point that they simple give up.

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