Key & Peele Recap 2×08

by on November 16, 2012

If you’re a SWAT team standing outside of a house you’re about to bust into, you may want to make sure everyone is clear on what their doing. If not, you could always take the opportunity to make sure when your squad leader ask you numerous times if there are any questions, but Jordan Peele and the rest of the SWAT team members take the opposite route in this week’s opening. This week sketches include:

The Giggles
One of the hardest things in the world is trying to hold a laugh when you are not suppose to laugh. Key’s character tries his best but fails when Carvell talks, in between sobs, about his recently discovered dead friend Twigs who he built forts and played care bears with.

Guy Talk
Key and Peele impersonate two sexually inappropriate middle eastern men as they grasp at the very little amount of features they can see on the covered women to make sexual connotations.

Darius Rucker takes the stage as a solo artist but can’t complete his set because he has to explain to the audience that Hootie and the Blow Fish was the name of the band he was in and he was simply the front man of the band. The audience insist he is though, and after a few confusing exchanges Darius Rucker accepts that he is Hootie.

Another substitute teacher makes an appearance on the show and like the one before him things don’t go so well. In fact, five minutes into class, after laying out the law to the students, Mr. Nostrand calls it a day when he lets one loose in front of the entire class.

The Drug Deal
No one is to be trusted in the dangerous exchange of drugs and money. It’s customary that the buyer samples the drug and the dealer counts the money. Key and Peele are the dealers and find it difficult to ensure the product, a hundred thousand dollars, as quickly as the buyer did.

Just Stay for the Night
We take a journey back in time with the musical duet Just Stay for the Night. A joyous songs that begins playful and flirtatious but gradually becomes hostile and ends with the pushy male and victimized female switching roles.

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