Scandal Recap 2×07

by on December 2, 2012

Take a deep breath and let it all out. After watching last night’s episode of Scandal, I had to take a few breathers because I could not believe what was happening! Where is security when you really need them? Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

The last episode of Scandal left off with Olivia and Edison and a hot make-out session. This episode began with the morning after. Great job Olivia for a much needed stress reliever. Edison is naming all the women he has dated with the intentions to get Olivia to open up about her past. She gets his point but she still does not open up. She makes a deal with him. Edison has to make a public statement of agreement on something he knows nothing about. “Make the statement!” Olivia pretty much demands that he make the statement and she will open up. He agrees.

Harrison is moving up. He has his new office and he has now been left in charge of their new case. This is a case of a family rivalry. A billionaire businessman, Harold Pierce Sr., has gone off the deep end and his family is worried about him. Harold’s ex-wife and son make a visit to Pope and Associates to explain what has happened. A month prior, Harold divorced his wife of thirty years and gave her a whopping $500 Million. She insisted that this was very unusual because there was no fight and he gave her the money much too easily. The son accused him of having gone crazy because he was seen driving a motorcycle through his house. Harold has also been dating a young woman about forty years his senior.

Harrison and Abby took over on the field work and headed out to try and solve this case. The Pierce family wanted to have Harold committed to a psychiatric hospital and obtain all access over his assets. Harold’s son wanted to take over the company and his ex-wife seemed to have moved on but she still loved him.

Olivia is handling a case of her own. She has informed a prominent U.S. Senator to step down and resign from his position after information that he was having an affair with an intern comes to surface. Olivia tells him that it would have been different had it been one time, but this affair was ongoing and he had become careless and reckless. This was the agreement that Edison knew nothing about. He had to make a statement on agreeing to the Senator resigning, and how he thought it was best for him. During his resignation speech, which was televised, Olivia was in the background and guess who spotted her? President Grant was in a meeting with Cyrus but all he could focus on was Olivia. Cyrus’ speech was drowned out as Mr. President began to “daydream” about Olivia. Cyrus snaps him out of it and soon Mellie walks in.

Mellie hands Cyrus a list of people who would be attending a private birthday dinner being held for Fitz. She then mentions that the Gala is still on. Fitz has been gone for three weeks and he has no clue what’s been going on. He tells Mellie that he didn’t want a dinner or gala for his birthday and she fires back. “Well, we can’t always have what we want, can we?” She leaves and closes the door behind her. While alone is his office, the President has been given more surveillance photos by his security. He informs him to stop all surveillance of Olivia. When he opens the envelope, there are intimate pictures of Olivia and Edison and you can instantly see the heartbreak in the President’s eyes.

David Rosen has not given up on his interest into Cytron and Doyle Inc. Rosen meets with James, Cyrus’ husband, to get him to dig into Cytron. James has a tough time believing that a company could have rigged voting machines in so many states, but in the end agrees to look into it. James does look into it, but is far from convinced. David is also still trying to convince Abby that he is not the woman beater he has been made out to be. That isn’t going well so far as Abby won’t even take his calls. Not a good day so far for U.S. Attorney. Ahhh, but the day isn’t over yet. James was invited to a dinner at the White House with President Grant and while the President is telling a story about an improbable win in Defiance, Ohio. James realizes there may be something to Rosen’s accusations after all. Cyrus is so not going to like this, especially once he figures out that James has been lying to him.

James takes a trip to Defiance, Ohio to gather as much evidence as possible. After swooning his way into access to the voting machines, he realized that all the memory cards are gone. He has recently met with two students/experts who informed him how rigged voting machines worked. James is in the warehouse and counts the voting machines. He notices that one was missing and asked the security guard on duty if he knew where the other machine was. After going on about how he didn’t care where the machine was, the guard mentioned that they kept the other machine at a high school as a keepsake. And to the high school James went. He received a call from Cyrus, who wanted him to hurry home but James lied and told Cyrus that he was spending a night with his sick father. James bribes a janitor into opening the case where the voting machine is stored and finds the memory card that he’s been hoping for.

Back at the Pierce’s, Harrison and Abby fail at trying to have Harold committed. Harrison and Abby were on an overnight watch when Harold’s girlfriend rushed to the car and gave them a number to call. She told them that Harold was sick and that they needed to call his doctor immediately. Turns out that it was a doctor of love because Harold had secretly married his girlfriend. Olivia finds out and she is livid. She tells Harrison to fix it and he does. When Harold finds out that his son tried to have him committed, he shoots him in the arm. Harrison enlists Huck’s help to come and play doctor.

Back at the office, Quinn is up to no good. She gives Huck a hypothetical scenario and asks him if there was a drug out there that could knock someone out without them even knowing. Huck gives up the info without knowing Quinn’s motive and she comes back with a theory and evidence. Quinn has traced some plane information back to Supreme Court Justice Woman, Verna Thornton. This was the plane that Quinn was on when she was captured. She also finds out that the plane was ordered by Olivia. She tells Huck that either he or someone like him had drugged her and put her on that plane. Huck has no answers.

Harrison calls Olivia for help but Olivia insures him that he can handle it. Harrison to the rescue. This was actually a simple issue. The father was not crazy at all. He did everything right for thirty years without making a single complaint and all he wanted to do was have some fun. He was filthy rich but very unhappy with his life. His son actually enjoyed working for the family company because that’s all he knew. His father didn’t want him to grown up and be like him, but he insured his Father that he looked forward to going to work every day because it made him happy. Case solved. Harold went on to make a public statement, resigning from his position and letting his son take over.

Edison has just been promoted when Olivia walks into his office. He thinks she has something to do with it because of her connections to the White House but she doesn’t. She is just as surprised as he is. Olivia had come to terms that her relationship with the President is over after a brief meeting with Cyrus. So she decides to share as much as she can with Edison. Before, Olivia didn’t want their relationship to go public mainly because of the President. But then now she makes the decision to make it all known. She tells Edison that she would be delighted to walk arm-in-arm with him to the Gala.

Edison arrives at Olivia’s apartment  to pick her up looking quite dapper, and Liv is stunning. She has on a long, laced ivory gown and might I add that her hair and make-up iss, as the “Queens” say, “beat for the God’s honey.” In the limo, Olivia and Edison hold hands which ensure that everything is solid.

For the President, this is not the case. In their limo ride, Mellie begs Fitz to not go to the Gala. She no longer wanted to attend. Fitz said that it was because Olivia was coming. “She’s not my mistress anymore. You won.” Mellie is stunned by the news and once again begs Fitz not to go. “We can’t always get what we want.” They step out the car and join each other hand in hand. Then the unbelievable happened. President Grant was shot as his blood spattered over Mellie, leaving her staggered.

I can’t wait another week to see what happens next. Who shot the President?


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