Key & Peele Earn Their Own Feature Film

by Anya Rahmingon November 17, 2013
The Comedy Central sketch show Key & Peele has been a success for the network. Recently it was renewed for a 4th season. Unfortunately the show is one of those rare examples of something incredibly clever and well done, but not remarkably well known. An average of near 2 million viewers tune into each episode. […]

Watch Key And Peele Musical Trailer For September 18th Season 3 Debut

by Anya Rahmingon September 2, 2013
A trailer has been released for the 3rd season of Key and Peele which airs September 18th at 10:30/9:30 c on Comedy Central. In the trailer clips of the upcoming season are shown in the form of a musical. A clip of a sketch from the 3rd season was also released a few weeks back.  Watch […]


Key & Peele Promote New Season Starting September – Watch!

by Anya Rahmingon July 30, 2013
The comedy duo Key & Peele return to Comedy Central for the 3rd season of their show on September 18th 2013. They’ve released a promotional video for their sketch comedy series titled How To Take A Photo.  Watch the clip below: My favorite poses were the drop shadow and crime scene. Which were yours? You […]

Key & Peele Recap 2×10

by Stasheia Durhamon December 2, 2012
Mankind has come to an end in this week’s opening. Jordan Peele is roaming deserted land in search of another human when he comes across Keegan. The only person he’s come into contact with in one-hundred-and-seventy-three days wears a rainbow colored afro, a lot of gold chains, white fur boots, and sexually harasses a mannequin. […]


Key & Peele Recap 2×08

by Stasheia Durhamon November 16, 2012
If you’re a SWAT team standing outside of a house you’re about to bust into, you may want to make sure everyone is clear on what their doing. If not, you could always take the opportunity to make sure when your squad leader ask you numerous times if there are any questions, but Jordan Peele […]

Key & Peele Recap 2×05

by Stasheia Durhamon October 27, 2012
“Hey dummy, look, Iran is on the sea. Syria is two goddamn countries this way” word from President Obama’s anger translator Luther greets us this week in the opening of the show as the president recalls the last few weeks of debates. “Two, one, Obama, game, set, match, touchdown, checkmate, can we get back to […]


Key & Peele Recap 2×04

by Stasheia Durhamon October 19, 2012
Da Struggle was this week’s opening, a socially conscious video about poverty and social inequality…. for the first thirty seconds. The collaborative artist enters and takes the video in an entirely different direction coming onto the scene with his crew, diamond encrusted gear, and vulgar lyrics about women’s breasts. Oh the trails of rap collaborations. This week […]

Key & Peele Recap 2×03

by Stasheia Durhamon October 12, 2012
Sometimes guys have that awkward moment. Your friend is making eye contact and whispering to you as the sweat pours off your bodies from the rocking motion of your hips. You want to focus on the task at hand but instead he pushes you to high five and interlocks your fingers. He’s distracting you while […]