Person of Interest Recap 2×11

by on January 31, 2013


We’re at Rikers Island, where Reese is being held along with the two other men. Donnelly can only legally hold them for 7 hours, but tells Carter he’s confident he’ll be able to figure out which one is Reese.

Finch manages to sneak a phone into Reese’s cell and gives him a call. He’s confident that in 72 hours Reese will walk free.

We see Finch posing as a substitute teacher named Mr. Swift. He’s there to look into a student named Caleb. Fusco tells Finch that Caleb’s brother was killed in a subway accident two years ago. Carter meets Finch outside the school and tells him she’s deleted Reese’s fingerprints from the system. She wants to get rid of Reese’s DNA but will need help.

Fusco finds out that Caleb was a witness to this brother’s death and that on that day the police rescinded a call for back-up. Finch hacks into the school’s records and finds that Caleb is likely a genius who has been hiding his intelligence.

The next day in class Finch shows Caleb that he fished a piece of paper out of the trash that demonstrated Caleb is pretty bright. Finch seems to be engaging the previously disinterested class.

Fusco pays Caleb’s mother a visit. He plants a webcam and she tells him times are tough.

Fusco tells Finch he thinks Caleb’s mother is probably an alcoholic.

Finch comes across Caleb in a pushing match with two of the school’s drug dealers. After he breaks it up he finds a piece of paper on the ground. It’s coding that Caleb has been doing longhand since he has no computer and Finch thinks it could be “groundbreaking.”

Fusco follows the two drug dealers to a meeting with the new drug lord.

Finch sends some specs to Carter, who is dressed up at a bar. She spots a guy and starts to flirt. She drugs him and takes a swab of saliva after he passes out in his car.

Finch sees Caleb leave his apartment in the middle of the night. He follows him and ends up running into Fusco, who has been following the drug money at several stops. It turns out Caleb is the new drug lord.

In class the next day Finch sees that Caleb has a meeting with his supplier that afternoon. He also sees an IT teacher at the school copying a number of files from Caleb’s computer. Finch gives Caleb back his coding notes and makes a suggestion that Caleb seems to like.

Finch and Fusco follow Caleb to his meeting. He finds his supplier shot and is cornered by the school’s former drug lord, a man named Lorenzo. Lorenzo tells him that if he doesn’t pay back all the money he made selling to “my customers” by the following night he’ll kill Caleb.

Fusco and Finch try and figure out why Caleb would be selling drugs. Fusco thinks it’s related to his brother’s death, as he’s learned Caleb changed his story from the incident. Caleb initially said his brother was pushed onto the tracks by two youths, but changed his story. Fusco thinks the drug dealers who unknowingly have been selling for Caleb, Ronnie and Diego, are the ones who killed his brother. Fusco sees Chris uploading some of Caleb’s work and arranging a meeting with someone named Howard.

Chris meets with a venture capitalist partner named Howard. It turns out Chris is taking credit for Caleb’s work, which is a new method for compressing files. Howard is prepared to cut Chris a huge check.

Finch sees Caleb moving money into a trust. Chris wants to meet with Caleb at the same time he’s supposed to meet Lorenzo.

Carter breaks into a lab and switches out a DNA sample.

The transit officer who worked Caleb’s brother’s death tells Fusco that what happened was the two brothers were drinking and daring each other to cross the tracks before the train came. Fusco tells Finch that Caleb must feel guilty for his brother’s death.

Finch loses track of Caleb, meaning they don’t know which meeting he plans to attend. Fusco sees that he’s a no-show at the Lorenzo meeting. Finch goes the high school and confronts Chris about what he did to Caleb. It turns out that Chris is actually helping Caleb, who only wanted a little bit of money up front. Chris is actually going to give Caleb all the credit. Chris is in fact giving Caleb all the money. The project is called 17621.

Finch finds Caleb at the subway. He talks to him about mistakes and being able to move on. We learn that 17 years, 6 months and 21 days is how old Caleb’s brother was when he died and Caleb is that exact age today. Finch tries to convince Caleb that the world (and his mother) will be better with him around. A train passes by and Caleb sits still.

Donnelly is told that the DNA does match any of the three men he has in custody. He wants the samples tested for tampering and asks for Carter.

In the school the following day Caleb thanks Finch. Finch implies that when he was Caleb’s age he pulled off one of the most famous hacks in internet history.

Reese is told by a guard that he is about to be released. On his way out Donnelly arrives and tells the warden that they’ve been ID’d as “Unlawful Combatants” and will continue to be held. Carter arrives and Donnelly asks her to interrogate the three men, starting with Reese.


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