Deception Recap 1×05

by on February 10, 2013


Will, Joanna and Ben are all in the FBI integration room. Joanna confesses she was Vivian’s childhood best friend. Meanwhile reporters have discovered the truth about Mia being Vivian’s daughter. We see Mia’s “mother” give her a necklace of pearls while she explains she’s the best present a mother could ask for. Joanna and Will get called in about their relationship their superior tells them to put their feelings on the shelf and work.

Ben says this wan’t the way it was supposed to happen, meaning Vivian wasn’t supposed to be killed. Joanna asks for more explanation and we finally hear Ben’s part of the story. He was a pharmaceutical student working on Lyritol when they got done trials began. A safe fail rate in those kinds of studies is 1-2 patients of the patients dying. Lyritol’s trials ended with 27 patients dying an abnormal amount. However, when it was released all the records read that there had been only 1-2 deaths. Ben knew that this was not correct and he told Vivian about it. Vivian was glad to help prove her families corruption.

Samantha and Edward are driving home from the hospital when she begins to question him about all the “odd things” surrounding Vivian’s death. He refuses to answer, so he tosses the keys over the bridge. This forces him to tell her the truth he explains that Ben and Vivian came to him for help to build a case for the Lyritol cover up. He agrees to buy time for the family to get there stuff together. Although, he knows none of this makes sense he finds it very hard to admit the truth. His father most likely had his sister killed. His wife sympathize and promises to have his back the whole way but he needs to figure out what’s going on.

Julian has lunch with the head of his competition and his ex girlfriend. He learns that their drug will be out three weeks earlier than anticipated. He invites her to Mia’s coalition and she realizes how hard it will be to say no to his father Robert. He hurries to inform his father but while he’s in the office his father gets a call. The call happens to be from his lawyer who is giving him the heads up that the world knows the truth about Mia’s mother.

Edward quickly gets started on uncovering the truth. He storms into the FBI in search for Ben. He confronts Will and nearly bumps into Joanna. After getting no where he leaves but pays a homeless guy some money to call when he sees Ben leave. Will is confronted by the same reporter who wanted to blast the truth about Mia’s mother to the nation. Will warns her not to mess with Robert Bowers.

Ben, Will and Joanna all work together to find the files but it seems they have been erased. Will and Joanna talk a little more love as he updates her on what happened at the office she explains her infatuation with Julian nothing more than teenage fantasy.

Mia is getting ready for cotilation and Joanna helps her the same way she once helped Vivian. Mia is troubled that she didn’t want her not so high class boyfriend to be seen by her family and friends. At the dance, Robert tries hard to get Audrey to come to his side she denies but then excuses herself to vomit. Joanna ceases the opportunity and asks Julian for a quick dance where she apologizes and he childishly brags about his date. Sam and Ed are talking about Ben and how he’s still in custody. He gets a message and rushes off to find Ben who somehow got out on bail. Sam invites Joanna to sit with her.

Behind the scenes Mia toasts with a swig of alcohol to the lame traditions that make no sense in this century. The spiteful reporter who was fired earlier after Robert goes to “take care” of things (pays off the head of the tabloid) gets revenge by sending the story about Mia’s real mother without permission. It goes viral everyone is staring at Mia despite her friends effort to turn off her phone and plead with people not to say anything until the night is over. She finds out and it sends her into a downward spiral. She leaves in her dress on the back of her not so classy boyfriends bike.

Where to he ask, anywhere but here and far away she replies. A crowd of people assemble outside as this all happens Joanna happens to be standing next to the senator who tells her it’s a joyous thing to watch all the drama even though he’s sorry they are all hurting. Joanna notices the way he flicks his lighter..

The last scene is Ben calling someone on a pay phone saying “I did my job forget about me please” Edward who is frantically looking for him spots him on the street and tries to call out. We hear a zap and Ben walks out into the street at the same time a bus comes to hit him.

Deception airs Monday 9/10C on NBC

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