Deception Recap 1×07

by on March 4, 2013

deception-recap-1x07Edward says goodbye to his wife and children. He realizes lives are at danger with all of this and doesn’t want them involved. His girls leave him strict instructions so their frog doesn’t die. He listens but whispers to the frog, “your going to die.” He’s on a rampage to make things right no matter the cost. Joanna and Mia are introduced slyly to Julian’s love interest Audrey who is head marketing for the “other drug competing against Lyritol. When she hurts her ankle outside while jogging. Joanna doesn’t want to be jealous but she is. Sophia is on the phone with an inmate named Wyatt who tells her he is almost out of jail. She has flashbacks from when she first arrived in New York. She also meets wit the senator regarding this matter asking him to keep Wyatt in jail.

Mia proclaims she knows Julian and Joanna are in love. She’s okay with it because she likes Joanna more than the other girls. Joanna denies having feelings quickly. Mia decides to return home to ask about her biological father since Julian denied knowing who he was. Sophia uses this time to discipline Mia for her outrageous behavior placing her on house arrest. Joanna’s cover is blown by a lady who reporters find out was arrest by Julian Bowers new girlfriend. The report who gets rights to the story happen to be Nicole (reporter who who reported Mia’s secret) she can’t wait to get proof for the tabloid.

Mia goes to check out the pay phone Ben uses to make his last call before dying. While doing that she walks into a bakery that happens to be owned by the Russian mob. Nicole who is tailing Joanna follows her and confronts her about being a cop. This puts both ladies in danger since the bakery is owned by the mob and it’s being shouted Joanna is a cop. They run for their lives and are thankful saved by Will who arrives just in time.

Edward finds confirmation Lyritol results were tampered with. Julian is sent to make a deal with the remaining FDA member who hasn’t signed off on the drug. He bribes him by presenting him with money to pay for his son’s education. Lyritol is going to be launched so their is a party thrown to make sure things go smoothly.

Mia is still on the track of rebellious teen and she decides to throw her own party while everyone is out. With alcohol and underage teens enjoying the alcohol. Senator Haverstock confronts Mia tells hier he’s her biological father. At the party Julian confesses his love to Joanna asking her to break “the other guy’s heart” and not his. Joanna denies she has the same feelings for him and he’s crushed. Later during the party Edward has enough he tries to whisper the truth to Julian who punches him in the face. They begin fighting while their father is promoting the drug.

When Sophia and Robert return home they find Mia’s party going on. They make her clean the mess cup by cup all on her own. Sophia tells Mia that she was a working girl and has flashbacks to when she was just Mia’s age working hard for her money. and Will finds Edward in a bar offers to help him he replies, “I got control of this” Deception airs Monday 10/9c on NBC.


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