Deception Recap 1×03

by on January 26, 2013


Vivian’s death is ruled a homicide finally. Will and Joanna are relaying information to the chief at FBI headquarters. Will proclaims Ben Preswick is invisible so he’s either hiding or dead. Scene goes to Edward and Ben talking Ben expressing his concern for damages caused by drug. Edward promises to protect him but he needs the evidence Vivian promised. Edward, Robert and Julian are discussing the change in events now that Vivian’s death was ruled homicide. Julian keeps having flashbacks, it’s an exact replica of the 1st scene of the season but now we see that Julian as the mystery man he fights with Vivian’s she dares him to kill her. She says he isn’t strong enough.

Will is getting increasingly jealous of Joanna and Julian. Julian gets into a fight with protesters and reporters Joanna comes to save the day. Edward is fraud from father’s business and is getting left by his wife. Joanna delivers a package for Samantha (Edward’s wife) and they talk. She is told Ed didn’t like his sister or even talk to her until a few weeks before she died. Mia(Vivian’s daughter/sister) is at an art gallery she flirts with a guy and her friend is crushed. Joanna is asked to go to Lyritol meeting with Julian. She doesn’t know however know meeting is in helicopter going to Bahamas. When Senator Haverstock Julian is kissing up so much Joanna is surprised.

Mia is out having fun with mysterious guy while Julian gives a very inspiring speech about Lyritol. Edward goes to his wife to tell her that he has been asked to step down from the board. She is happy and asks him to join them in moving away from his family. He is convinced he should go ahead and move with his children and wife. Joanna and Julian are hanging out while Mia is almost robbed. Mr + Ms. Bowers are awake in bed Mr. Bowers is sad that the child he thought had the most promise is struggling. Julian + Joanna are at the hotel when they are attacked While Julian tends to Joanna injury sparks fly and they kiss. Julian reminisces them being young he says “that was too easy”

Ms. Bowers and Samantha are playing tennis when she threatens to take Samantha’s girls away if she leaves. She tells her she knows what happen to dishonest people in the family. Pictures are taken of Julian and his “new girl” Joanna. We discover Mia’s robbery was set up. Mia shows Joanna some pictures one that shows Julian wearing a ring that is just like the imprint found on Vivian’s face. After finding this out Joanna is sure Julian killed Vivian. She goes to Will to release her sexual tension when asked why she responds “I just remember who I am.”

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