Deception Recap 1×04

by on February 2, 2013


After the intense sexual tension between Will and Joanna, she now is wearing a wire. Joanna believes Julian is the killer. Will asks her to get close and get a confession. She tells him he may not be able to unhear things. Joanna and Julian are hanging out when it’s mention he was Joanna’s first sexual partner. Will is furious blames her for ruining the case. Joanna responds by saying well your ruining the case by sleeping with me now. While they are arguing Will gets a call saying Ben Preswick has been found.

Mia ditches school for Kyle(motorcycle guy). Will chases Ben but loses him thanks to distracts by neighbor. Mia misses her interview with STYLE magazine her father is upset.He says to Joanna it’s weird how 10yrs later you are defending Mia the way you used Vivian. Mia and Kyle have a great time together and you can see she is falling fast. Julian goes to his brother Ed for help with the senator. Will tells Joanna he lost Ben and she comes up with a plan to get some more information from Julian. Joanna puts her plan in action immediately Julian is happy to oblige “her plan” saying it’s all way to easy. Robert confronts Mia about ditching school, but he’s more upset about being lied to. Edward goes to senator to talk only to be told he may have killed that girl but it was covered up for him. He feels it’s owed to him to have a conversation with Robert.

Edward has a flashback trying to remembering what happened that day. Mia enlists her mother’s help to her see Kyle. She agrees to help Mia with Robert her dad. Joanna and Julian talk pick up lines she quotes the one that wooed her. ” I am having a bad day but it makes my day better to see a pretty girl smile.” The evening becomes somber when the truth about what happen that night comes up.

Vivian and him got into a fight and he slapped her. She teases him and he apologizes but ends up driving her car home. He says he tried to follow her but she disappeared. Joanna believes him Will thinks he’s covering it up. Joanna accepts his offer to have dinner at his place, Will is skeptical but allows it to happen. We see Ben asking for money to get back to the other side of the city. Mia and mother have a moment. Edward confronts his father and asks about killing the girl 16yrs ago. His father replies he made a bad situation go away for his own good. Joanna is having dinner at Julian but all of sudden she’s told Julian lied to her. She pressures him and he tells her that he was having sex with another woman. He didn’t say it because he was respecting her.

Edward is attacked and his car is stolen. This throws his family in more distress Robert goes to “talk” to senator and makes sure he understands never to cross his family again. Joanna offers to help Samantha with anything she goes to the office. While looking around in Ed’s office she spots Ben chases him and confesses she’s a cop.


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