Deception Recap 1×02

by on January 22, 2013


“You saw it all just open your eyes” Another blast from the past where Joanna sees Vivian. As the Bowers are eating breakfast, Joanna struggles with her craigslist bought car. She is happy to see the family’s handyman who takes a look and agrees to help her. He also heeds a warning for her not to stay around to long. Prince Julian just happens to be there to drive her to work. Joanna can’t help but remember their last kiss. Joanna then meets Will, her FBI partner, and he is given a deadline of 3 days to get the info that they are looking for. Robert degrades his assistant Haley, and she quits saying it’s not over. While working in the office Joanna uses the opportunity to try to find out who the contact and baby’s father is but the computer is password protected.

Joanna is cornered by Edward (Vivian’s brother) but saved by Robert (Vivian’s father). He invites her to join the family to watch the granddaughter’s game, but also a request she locate Julian(Vivian’s brother). During the game, Edward gets into a fight and is taken to jail. Will decides to take a go at him while he hasn’t lawyered up and it’s unsuccessful. Joanna is still in search for the contact information of Vivian’s baby’s father. Meanwhile Mia is getting much closer to Joanna. Robert’s assistant comes to tell his wife he’s been cheating with her but the wife already knew. She tells the assistant she’s loyal to her family and so it seems to be swiped under the rug. Joanna finds Julian only for him to be have very arrogant. Joanna tries to get closer to Edward and is warned to go home. A surprise attack injured Haley’s brother(Robert’s assistants) so Haley no longer has anything to say to the police.

Joanna returns to the office after the game to find Robert drinking she tells him she doesn’t leave until he does. She then gets a call to pick up Julian where he is drunk and disorderly. He asks her to go to dinner she declines. At party next day with Bowers Rob confirms with handyman that he shut up the assistant. He says yes I broke her brothers knees. Joanna finally figures the password to the computer out by using information from her talk with Robert about Edward she then finds out Vivian’s contact and baby’s father are the same person. His name is Ben Preswick and he’s hiding somewhere. The last scene is Edward and Ben looking at each other.

Deception airs Monday 9/10c on NBC.

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