Person of Interest Recap 2×05

by on November 7, 2012

Reese and Finch get another number and a new face along with it. They have a new person to save before she becomes the victim of a horrible murder.

Maxine Angelis is threatening to bring down Paul, who is the front man behind helping a councilman, Ed Griffin, to win mayoral race. She threatens to out his hook-up with a prostitute which could affect the mayor’s campaign. Maxine has also published stories about HR and one of New York’s most notorious criminal’s, Elias.

“HR” is a ring of dirty cops, and Maxine has potential dirt on every cop associated with “HR”. Reese is assigned to save her before someone from “HR” eliminates her. Because there is no safe way to protect Maxine without his identity being revealed, Finch creates a profile on a dating site for Reese and sets him up on a date with Maxine. He would be secretly protecting her. Reese is informed of his date while secretly following Maxine and seems a little taken aback. However, Reese is always up for a challenge so he has to do whatever it takes to save an innocent being.

Across town, the FBI begins to take down some of the dirty cops. Carter is praising Fusco for getting information on “HR” and possibly bringing them down. Fusco tells Carter to lower her voice because his record is not clean. Carter also congratulates another fellow officer and he assures her that his next step is to take down Reese. Carter knows that he may never take down Reese because she will be informing Reese the entire time. She also realizes that her fellow officer has not taken down the big boss and that this may be her chance to shine.

Detective Fusco is standing near his car and leaves a voicemail for his son. When he gets in his car, Simmons, one of the leaders of “HR”, appears in his back seat and puts a gun to his head. Simmons threatens Fusco to find out what kind of information the FBI has on “HR”.  Simmons also tells Fusco that he knew that he had been working with Reese, and that if he didn’t find out what was going on, his record of working with “HR” would be passed along to the FBI. Simmons asks Fusco who he could count on: him or Carter. If Fusco does Simmons this favor, they will let him out of “HR”.

Reese pulls up to a restaurant in a stolen $100,000 sports car. He greets his date, Maxine, and she seemed impressed. The date was coming to a halt with minimal conversation when an old flame from Reese’s past appears out of nowhere. This was a great trick from Finch. Zoe Morgan is a very important woman in New York, and Maxine is very impressed that Reese dated her. She surprisingly becomes interested in Reese again. Zoe hugs Reese and soon after leaves to get back to her business. The date ends abruptly as Maxine receives a call about a lead.

Maxine decides to leave on her own, but Reese insists and volunteers to chauffeur her around in a $100,000 car. They arrive to a dock and Maxine instructs Reese to stay in the car. She has received a call about Zambrano, the supposed boss of “HR,” but when she arrives to the docks she finds him dead. A few men quickly move in to try to take her out but instead they are taken out by Reese. He soon goes over to help aide Maxine, but realizes that Zambrano is dead.
Reese informs Carter of Zambrano’s death and the cops are quickly at the scene. Carter brings in Maxine for questioning. While Carter is having a private phone conversation with Reese, Special agent Donelly is questioning Maxine about the death of Zambrano and what she knew about it. She reveals nothing, but Donelly reveals that Zambrano kept a ledger of “HR’s” payroll. Donelly warns Maxine to not print anything that he was saying.

After Maxine is let go, Reese is still with her as shots are fired in her direction. Of course he saves her but also realizes that she needs to be somewhere safe. Reese takes Maxine back to his apartment and swears to be a gentleman by sleeping on the couch. That he does.

The next morning, Finch calls Reese and confirms that the shooters Craig Bogle and Leonard Pitt were ex-FBI agents who took early retirement. They figure that used their contacts to find out about the ledger and tell HR’s boss. Finch tells Reese that he’s sent the same information to Maxine, and she comes out and asks for a meeting with Zoe.

When they meet, Zoe says that the two agents were forced out for harassment and malicious prosecution. She admits that she doesn’t know who the head of HR is, but points out that political campaigns buy disposable cell phones by the hundreds. Maxine notices an ad on the TV for Walker and realizes that Zoe is suggesting that one of the two candidates is the boss. Zoe tells her that officially they’ve never met and walks away.

As Reese and Maxine are at his apartment having a glass of wine, she suddenly remembers something that Zambrano said to her during a brief encounter before his death. He told her that “no one ever looked at the good things that he did.” That’s when Maxine figured out that the ledgers were hidden in the carousel.

Maxine and Reese break into the dock where the carousel is. Once inside, they begin to check for secret compartments on the carousel and Reese soon finds the ledger. He hands it to Maxine and once again, the shooters are back. The same shooters who shot at Maxine turned out to be two dirty cops involved with “HR”. Before they can even get a shot out, Carter and Fusco break through the door, taking both cops out.

Fusco takes the ledger and rips out the pages with his and Simmon’s name. He turns the ledger in to the FBI and notifies Simmons that his deed is done. Simmons warns Fusco that he’d better watch his back.

Maxine is off the hook and she decides to go on a real date with Reese. She tells him that she could never see him again because she had begun to develop feelings for him and it would never work out because of her commitment to her job. She plants one on Reese and I think he was quite thrilled.

Griffin wins the mayoral race and the real boss of “HR” is revealed. Simmons goes to meet up with the boss, Quinn, who is the campaign manager for Ed Griffin. He says that people like him will always be around.
Dirty cops are taking over and “HR” may soon enough have their own precinct.


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