Person of Interest Recap 2×03

by on October 22, 2012

Cliffhanger. That’s the one word that would perfectly describe the latest episode of Person of Interest. There’s a lot going on in this episode.

Finch returns to work after being held captive for some time. Reese is definitely happy about this because he gets to go back to working the in the field. Finch is trying to re-adjust to being back at work and to the new friend that Reese has. On his last mission, Reese decided to keep the dog that was supposed to kill him. After all, who wouldn’t want such a sweet dog?

You ever go flying from a top penthouse window? Seems like such great fun.  This episode opens up with a mystery guy falling from a top story penthouse window to his death. The “Machine” brings up the next person to save which happens to be Sophia, the daughter of a Brazilian Diplomat, Hector Campos. She does not know it, but she is connected to the death of the mystery guy. Reese comes up with a clever plan to become Sophia’s newest bodyguard, and of course it works. While out shopping, Reese puts a stolen item in the guard’s pocket causing store security to have him arrested. Reese interviews for the newly open position and gets the job.

Hector Campos has decided to run for the President of Brazil, prompting tons of enemies to come after him and his family. The closest way to get to him is by targeting his daughter, Sophia. Sophia had several assassins after her, but Reese made sure that they were all taken care of. Sophia decided to go out and party with her best friend at a night club with Reese there the entire time, and a shot is fired. Three assassins were assigned to take out Sophia, but they became victims of John Reese.

When Reese and Finch are investigating who tried to have Sophia killed, they find a video on her phone with her and a few friends at the penthouse. Reese notices one of the guys in the video was the same one who tried to kill Sophia, and may have been the one to push the mystery guy, Paul, to his death.  After further investigation, and some serious ass kicking, Reese teams up with Detective Carter and they discover that Sophia’s boyfriend was the mastermind behind her attempted murder. His trust fund ran out and he needed more money, so he figured he could get more from Hector by killing his daughter.

Reese left Detective Fusco in charge of securing Sophia while he went after her boyfriend. Somehow, Fusco is never able to keep up with anyone. Sophia is kidnapped and taken to a park to be killed and it’s Fusco to the rescue. Actually, it was Reese and Carter to the rescue because Fusco had his gun taken from him and Reese and Carter rammed into the car that the guy was in, knocking him out. Carter arrested him and he was off to the slammer.

Reese finds Sophia boyfriend and almost throws him off of a balcony but Sophia decided to be nice and have Reese spare him his life. Instead, he headed to the slammer also.

Detective Carter, prior to this case, had been investigating another case.  A young woman that she had been searching for turns up dead and one of Carter’s old allies is involved in the case. Carter thought, Mark Snow had disappeared from a episode last season but he returns, leaving Carter bemused. Carter was down at the morgue to identify Alicia’s body and learned that Snow was doing the same. While Carter is inspecting the body, she notices a gash on Alicia’s arm. The M.D. informed her that someone had to have recently done that because it was not part of the autopsy.

Cut to a scene in the basement where Snow had a bomb strapped to his chest and Reese’ old partner who was presumed dead is putting in a code to set the bomb off. Looks like she’s back with a vengeance but I’m not sure what kind.

The gash in Alicia’s arm was caused by Carter’s Chief who had removed a microchip from her arm.

I can’t wait until next week’s episode. What is going on and who’s behind this mess?



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