Basketball Wives LA: Recap 2×07

by on October 30, 2012

Draya, Brooke, and Malaysia are all meeting up. Draya is so right about Jackie’s wedding being the ultimate slap in the face to the gay community, and this is what I’ve been saying all along! Why am I so team Draya this season? Brooke shows up and is dressed to the nines (I need to find out where she got that dress!) Malaysia is feeling taken for granted by Jackie, and I think she might be right. Malaysia really doesn’t want to go to the wedding, but she decides to be a good person and attends anyways.

Jackie and Doug are meeting with their future wedding officiator. Doug is Jackie’s only saving grace. They are so cute together. She better hold onto him. Jackie is telling Doug about the girls coming, and I cant help but feel sad that Jackie is so oblivious to the fact that these women have such harsh feelings towards her. She says that Draya is not allowed, which is funny because I’m pretty sure Draya probably has a Brazilian scheduled for that day.

Jackie’s daughter shows up and she doesn’t seem excited to see her mom. Bambi and Malaysia show up and I breathe a sigh of relief. Malaysia takes time out of the rehearsal to tell Jackie about her feelings. Jackie cries and apologizes and says she’s overjoyed to see Malaysia. I’m on Jackie’s side again: she may be crazy, but I really think she is a nice woman. I always feel bad for her when the ladies pick on her. Wait…am I being manipulated by Jackie too??!!!

Bambi and Malaysia are talking about Laura and her sneaky ways. Laura walks in and is wearing the cutest book bag ever. Bambi doesn’t trust Laura, and I like that she’s standing her ground. Laura does have a lot of jokes, and I’m glad Bambi called her out on it.

Laura arrives at the wedding dressed in drag, which is hilarious because she was making fun of Jackie’s outfit last week? I understand the drag thing but…um…yeah. Classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. The wedding commences and it’s really sweet. Jackie surprises Doug with her tattoo, which he hasn’t seen because they aren’t intimate for 30 days before their vow renewal. Everyone else is confused about the tattoo, and so am I….still.

Brooke is having a pool party for her birthday, and Draya is being immature about the fact that Jackie will be there. You’re on a show together. Get over it. Bambi thinks Laura’s annoying, and I love it. I’m starting to like Bambi even more, until she brings up the beef with Brooke again. Give it a rest! Malaysia and Jackie are talking about Draya. Jackie will not forgive Draya and I’m over the whole thing.

Jackie and Brooke meet up. Jackie tells Brooke she “adores” her but she doesn’t want to come in between her and Draya.  Why do they keep taping these scenes of them walking down the street? Is this what people do for fun in LA? Now they’re talking about Brooke and Bambi’s beef. Brooke blocked Bambi on twitter and this tweeting thing is making ish get real.

Bambi and Malaysia are shopping. Bambi is an amazon woman. Brooke calls Malaysia to invite her to her birthday party. Malaysia is being weird and asks if Brooke’s ex boyfriend will be there. Why would her ex boyfriend be there? Malaysia and Bambi are rehashing this petty drama once again, and let me say again that I’m over it. Bambi is in the wrong for accepting presents from somebody’s boyfriend and she needs to stop acting like Brooke is in the wrong. Malaysia is talking about how pretty she looks and now I’m starting to think that she’s conceited, shady, and not as nice as she wants everyone to think.

Draya, Malaysia, and Laura are going hang-gliding. Bambi tags along because she doesn’t trust Laura. Sigh. Malaysia is awful at hang-gliding and I’m laughing out loud at how cute her failed attempts are. Never mind about what I said before; I like Malaysia again. After they’re done, they go for drinks after and al talk about Brooke’s upcoming party. I like Malaysia’s philosophy of not letting people live rent-free in your brain, and Draya needs to adopt it.

It’s the day of Brooke’s party, and Gloria is back from her “training”.  Brooke, Laura, and Gloria are talking about Jackie and Draya’s drama. Jackie walks up and Brooke gives the fakest hey ever. Draya walks into the pool party and I think she looks prettier with her hair up. Jackie starts changing her shoes and its obvious she wants to fight. She is such an instigator.

Next week Brooke and Jackie fight and it looks like it’s going to be good.

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