Will Smith To Play NFL Player Diagnosed With CTE

by Anya Rahmingon June 10, 2014
Will Smith will be starring in an upcoming untitled film directed by Ridley Scott. Margot Robbie of The Wolf Of Wall Street is reported to be his co-star (FirstShowing.Net).The film is based on real life events, chiefly the recent discovery of a condition called chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) that afflicts professional athletes such as NFL players. […]

Will Smith, Jay-Z And HBO Are Making A Comedy Show

by Anya Rahmingon February 10, 2014
Acting veteran Will Smith is combining with legendary rapper Jay-Z and music producer Calvin Harris to develop a fictional half-hour comedy for HBO. The trio will work as executive producers for the show, currently titled Higher, which will be set in the world of electronic music (Spin). Though Will Smith and Jay-Z may seem like […]

black-film-new-tv-spot-for-after-earth features-unseen footage

New TV Spot For After Earth Features Unseen Footage Of Will And Jaden Smith

by Anya Rahmingon April 15, 2013
A short 30 second TV spot for After Earth has been released. The film stars Will and Jaden Smith as a father and son who crash land on planet earth 1,000 years after its been abandoned.  Everything on Earth has evolved to kill humans, and Jaden must journey across the planet to find a rescue beacon. The […]

After Earth NEW Poster And Trailer Debut – Watch Now

by Anya Rahmingon March 8, 2013
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“Fela” Produced By Jay-Z & The Smith’s And Starring Michelle Williams On Nationwide Tour

by Anya Rahmingon February 7, 2013
A musical called Fela, which won Tony Awards after a 15-month Broadway run beginning in 2009, has resumed production. The play is produced by Jay-Z, Will Smith,  Jada Pinkett-Smith. Stars include many seasoned Broadway actors such as Adesola Osakalumi as Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, and Michelle Williams from Destiny’s child.  This time the production will be touring several cities […]

Willow Smith Won’t Star In Annie Remake Produced By Her Father

by Anya Rahmingon January 31, 2013
Willow Smith was poised to star in a film remake of the family musical Annie. The film is being produced by her father, Will Smith, and was intended to be a vehicle to launch Willow’s acting career. Will even recruited Jay-Z to write musical tracks for the remake.  However, the film has been in the […]


Trailer Hits Web For “After Earth” Starring Will & Jaden Smith

by Anya Rahmingon December 10, 2012
The trailer for next year’s M. Night Shyamalan film After Earth, which stars Will and Jaden Smith as father and son in a future in which humans have relocated to planet Nova Prime, has hit the web. In the film their aircraft gets hit by an asteroid, and they crash land on the remnants of long-since abandoned Earth. When his father is […]

Men In Black 4 In The Works

by Anya Rahmingon July 22, 2012
              It’s clear that Will Smith is still an International Superstar. Currently Men In Black 3 has made just over $650 Million at the box office, and Columbia Pictures has already given the green light for a 4th film. The studio is moving quickly! Indiewire shared a quote given by […]


After Earth – 2 Posters & Teaser Trailer

by Anya Rahmingon July 20, 2012
    Two Posters for the 2013 film After Earth were unveiled during the 2012 Comic Con. Which poster, if either, gets you most excited about seeing the film? Also released was a teaser trailer. It doesn’t feature Will or Jaden, or really give away much at all. However the film is a year away. […]

Will Smith Almost Starred in Django Unchained

by Anya Rahmingon July 18, 2012
                  It has been revealed that Will Smith was one of six actors seriously considered for the role of Django in the highly anticipated Djano unchained. According to Will Smith, scheduling conflicts with Men in Black III interfered with his ability to do the film. In a […]


Will Smith and Jaden have begun work for Shyamalan Film ‘After Earth’

by Anya Rahmingon July 16, 2012
                        M. Night Shyamalan will direct Will and Jaden Smith in a futuristic sci-fi  flick in which  humans have left earth and moved to Nova Prime. Thanks for ScienceFiction.com for sharing important details revealed at last weeks’ comic con. Will Smith plays  General Cypher Raige who is […]

Finally, Will Smith and Denzel Washington Together On Screen

by Anya Rahmingon April 28, 2012
Will Smith may co-star with Denzel Washington in a remake of a 1974 film entitled, Uptown Saturday Night. The original starred Bill Cosby and Sidney Potier. A synopsis of the film from Deadline says: The 1974 comedy starred Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier as pals who visit an illegal nightclub, and are forced to hand over their […]