Person of Interest Recap 2×04

by on October 28, 2012

The Mafia is back but in different form. They are rugged guys who wear urban clothes and pack heat. They don’t quite fit the description, but that’s just modern day Mafia.

The episode opens up as Reese is taking video surveillance of a man by the name of George Massey. Massey has just been acquitted on charges of embezzlement. He also has a record for extortion, fraud and murder. Massey has his own organized group of criminals and Reese is on the lookout for him.

Reese decides to have a bite to eat at the “Old Grande”. Just so happens that Massey and his crew are eating at the same place. Reese sits directly in front of the crew to eavesdrop on their conversation. The restaurant owner comes over and Massey threatens him to have his money or else death will be in his near future. Moments later, a waitress, Annie, walks by Massey’s table and he stops her. Annie is affiliated with Massey through one of his former guys. Annie was married to one of Massey’s guys, who he had gunned down because of his indiscretions. I’m pretty sure Annie no longer likes Massey.

Massey is questioning Annie on her love life and she lets him know that he is the cause of her being a widow. Massey assures Annie that he did the right thing by eliminating her husband and that no one cared about him. Annie responds by telling him that she loved him. “George, when you’re gone, who’s gonna remember you”. Apparently, Massey didn’t look too thrilled about that.

They head over to their station, a bar, as Reese pulls off a clever trick to get access to their conversations. Reese bumps into Massey, slipping a listening device into his jacket, and then gets thrown out of the bar. Massey tells his main boys, Riley and Eddie, that Annie is a problem and she needs to be taken care of. He sends the boys out to “take care” of Annie and things got real. Eddie gets a call from his dad, George, ordering him to take out Riley because he couldn’t be trusted. Too late because Riley shot and killed Eddie in point blank range in the car.

The twisted part is that Riley and Annie were lovers and he had to protect her. He calls her soon after telling her what he had done and informed her to meet him at their secret place. Reese hears the entire conversation and decides to give Carter a call and a head up on a homicide. Carter arrives to the scene to find out that the body is that of Eddie Massey, George Massey’s son. She knows that all hell is about to break loose.

Finch breaks into Annie’s house to find clues as to where their secret place is. He figures it out from a picture on Annie’s computer. Reese follows suit and trails Riley and Annie to protect them. Massey knows what happened and he has sent his boys after Riley and Annie. Reese saves them from being killed but when he races down a stairwell after Riley, he is shot. Finch hears it all and is instantly panicked. Great thing Reese was wearing a bullet proof vest because I was worried to.

Carter gives Massey a visit informing him of his son’s death. He decides to play coy but Carter knows everything. Sounds like a “Carter and Reese to the rescue” situation. Reese finds Riley and they exchange word, fist, punches, kicks and some friendly upper cuts. Reese informs Riley that he is there to help and that he knows what he’s up against. He also knows that Riley was the one who killed Annie’s husband. Riley flees to find Annie. They are on a rooftop and Riley goes to get his secret stash of money but it’s gone. Instead of money, there is a ringing phone left in his duffel bag. Riley answers the phone and it’s Massey. He had taken his money and knew about him and Annie. This meant war.

Finch goes to meet with one of New York’s most notorious gang leaders, Elias. Even in jail, Elias still has control over New York and all of the organized criminal groups. Finch asked Elias if he could put a stop to Massey’s crew. Elias only agreed because he owed Finch for saving his life.

Riley and Annie try to flee the state by taking a train. Reese is following them the entire time. While Riley goes to purchase tickets, Reese notices a few men who are after Riley. Before Reese could get to them, they snatched Annie. Annie is being held captive at Massey’s old night club.

Reese and Riley are in pursuit of Annie when they face a little problem. They are surrounded by police so they run towards a dead end street. Reese does the best thing he could think out to get them out of that situation, he calls Carter.

Though hesitant at first, Carter agrees to help Reese by claiming false tips on the whereabouts of Riley. She tells the squad that she has just received a tip which has all police in pursuit of Riley, leaving Reese and Riley room to escape. Riley figures out where Annie is being held and he and Reese are on their way. Reese holds Riley at gun point, prompting the guards to let him on the club because he is helping Massey but turning Riley in.

When they get inside the club, all hell breaks loose. Riley and Massey have a face off and Massey is gunned down. Bullets are flying everywhere as Reese escapes with Annie. Finch pulls up in a get-a-way car to take Annie to a safe place. When Reese returns, he finds Riley dead.

Reese helps Annie escape and is now seeing her off to New Mexico. Another one bites the dust for Annie. Every guy she falls in love with ends up dead. Maybe she likes it that way. Just a joke people.
This was an action packed episode with great twist and turns. Now this is my kind of TV.


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