Keyshia & Daniel: Family First Recap 1×03

by on October 28, 2012

At the start of the “I Ain’t Thru” episode, Daniel is back in LA pending word from his doctors and management team concerning what measures need to be taken for his leg injury.   He and Keyshia are lunching out on a patio with their son, DJ, as he explains what he’s facing; the need to have surgery or whether they can use other options.   With his contract year looming, Daniel’s is disheartened about spending months in a cast or boot (rehabbing) and not having the time to train as he had planned.

Keyshia assures her husband that she wants to take care of him and he adds that, “one leg-two legs” he’s still got her too.  A call from his sports agent, Andy Miller, confirms his worst fear.  He clarifies that the doctors will need to cut him open and look at the tendon to determine how much work they need to do and repair it on the spot.  Daniel is determined to do what he has to in order to be able to continue to play basketball.  Keyshia voices concern about surgery location because of the importance of her album release and they ultimately decide that utilizing the doctor in LA would be more resourceful.

As they prepare for Daniel’s surgery, Keyshia learns that her mother, Frankie, has been in Oakland, Ca. asking people for drugs.  She is clearly disappointed, but her husband is priority right now.   At the hospital, the nervous couple sits side by side as the doctor and nurses prep Daniel for surgery.  In an effort to lighten up the mood, Daniel jokes about putting on the “little coat with the butt out” and some of the tension and apprehension is released.    Keyshia holds his hand and says a prayer in a private moment before he heads in for the procedure.

Later on, Keyshia, her son, and mom Yvonne gather in the waiting room until Daniel wakes up from his operation.  Keyshia takes advantage of this time and prompts Yvonne to call and check up on Frankie.  She remains the skeptic when it comes to Frankie’s addiction and doesn’t believe that she will come to LA to complete, yet another, rehabilitation program as they’ve discussed.  On the phone, we hear Frankie’s list of excuses as to why she doesn’t want to do the rehab right now and the list includes phrases like:  “I don’t wanna be no prisoner”, “I got cats at home”, and “I can’t cold turkey”.    Even though Keyshia’s heard all the excuses before, she’s not going to give up on her mom-who’s been an addict, her entire life.

Finally, Daniels doctor takes Keyshia aside and gives her the results of his surgery.  After grinding out bone spurs and removing inflammation, his leg is going to take a lot of time to heal; which means he cannot play for the remainder of the season.  As the bearer of horrible news, Keyshia has the task of relaying the message to her husband.  Daniel, groggy, and hooked up to monitors and oxygen tubes, immediately inquires about how soon he will be able to hoop; only to learn the sad truth.   He is taken aback, but is comforted in the fact that he made it through the scary operation and has his wife to wake up to.

As they chat in the recovery room, the focus is redirected when Keyshia fills Daniel in on her concerns about Frankie.  Daniel questions if Frankie knows how many people care about her doing better.  No sooner than he is out of the hospital, he’s out of bed and driving Keyshia to pick Frankie.  In complete support of his wife, and an addicted mother-in-law, Daniel is relentless and states that, “It’s time to oil up those old crusties”.   While riding in the car, Frankie notices a foul smell and they are all heard gasping and coughing at what might have been the scent of one of DJ’s dirty diapers.  In true Frankie fashion, she shouts, “Now that’s what you call a Man Down!”

Noticing that she’s visibly frightened at the reality of entering rehab, Keyshia decides to treat her mom to a manicure before she drops her off.  While they wait, Frankie eludes to the fact that she doesn’t want Keyshia to waste her money on rehab after 30days if it’s not working.  Keyshia reassures her that the money doesn’t matter and all it will take is time.  We also find out that Keyshia and Daniel had a bet on whether Frankie would show up to go to rehab or run away, and Daniel won!  They eventually arrive at the rehab center where they hug and say their good-byes as Frankie takes the tough steps towards getting her life back in order.  We’re pulling for you Frankie!!

Do you think Frankie will complete rehab, or leave after 30days?  How will the reality of being pulled out for the rest of the season affect Daniel?  Weigh in…


BET, Tuesday 10pm.

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