Alex Cross Proves To Be Dud

by on October 30, 2012

Now that it’s been over a week, critics and fans alike have weighed in on Perry’s latest film, and the reviews have been less than stellar. Manohla Dargis of The New York Times was quoted saying “A grim, dispiritingly stupid waste of time, energy, money and talent, directed by Rob Cohen, this is the first installment in what one of its producers warned Entertainment Weekly would be ‘the new Tyler Perry franchise, a worldwide one.'”
Though many people, in particular black people, are quick to come to Perry’s defense and support him regardless of his picture’s quality or message—it is usually when that film is catered to the lifestyles of African Americans which seem to get more praise than critique. However in this film which aims to reach a broader and action/thrill-seeking audience, he fails miserably. Even worse, Perry does not have that strong and dependable support system that is Black America.

It seems that Tyler Perry has met his Achilles Heel at the box office,  and the only victor in this scenario is that of the audience that did not go to
see Alex Cross. In his most diverse role, he would produce the least amount of ticket sales in his 7 year film career. Perry’s Madea films typically gross over $30 million dollars in their opening weekend, compared to Alex Cross which grossed just over $11 million dollars. It makes one question if Perry’s audience is capable of seeing the actor in any other role besides the loud-mouthed and hyper-ghettoized woman in the gown. I know for myself that seeing Perry in a role other than Madea is nearly impossible, as that is what I and many of his viewers naturally associate him with, and what he purposely built his empire on.

Only time will tell if Perry if can rebound from this theatrical blunder, but if history is any indication, he’ll be fine as he still has television programs, movies, and stage plays that target his most loyal and reliable audience — but if Perry chooses to continue making movies outside of his box, my advice is to stay behind the camera.


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