Basketball Wives LA: Recap 2X03

by on October 30, 2012

The episode starts out with Gloria meeting about her web series role. Why are they still trying to convince Gloria that this role is important? Is she really going to walk around like a “cold blooded assassin” for the two weeks it’s going to take her to train? Number 1: LOL! Number 2: I’m not an actress or anything, but I’m pretty sure it takes much much much muuuuuuuch longer than 2 weeks to train for a role. I think these people are running a pyramid scheme and just renting out the top office of some sort of important building to make themselves seem legitimate.

We then cut to a scene with Brooke and her boyfriend, but its uneventful, so we’ll move on to Jackie. Jackie is skyping with her daughter, who she is obsessive and controlling over her daughter, and I cant imagine why her daughter would ever want to move back (unless of course she has some sort of complex that her mom created- actually, yes, that’s probably the explanation). I like Jackie’s husband. He seems like he really loves her and balances out her crazy.

Next, we meet up with Malaysia and Brooke. YAWN. They talk about the “drama” between Brooke and Bambi, and I’m already over it.

Jackie is planning her wedding, and I cant help but wonder if a wedding is really the way to celebrate a community that does not have the legal right to wed? Seems more like a slap in the face to me.

Draya has launched a line of swimsuits…ok. Malaysia and Laura pretend like they’re “impressed” and proud…but…she didn’t sew the suits herself? I would like to know what these people’s definition of hard work is because I think it might be a little different than mine. Laura keeps saying she wanted Jackie to fight, which just gives me even more insight into her character. She wants her friends to be crazy and out of control? Weird. Clearly Laura likes instability in her life. Malaysia may be boring but at least she has a brain in that head. Maybe she just seems boring because she’s the only normal one without any neurosis in the group.

Draya and Gloria are practicing pole dancing. Draya is really good at it and Gloria is awful. Draya hints at the fact that she might like to swim in both gender pools, and Gloria laughs it off. Jackie is getting a tattoo…well um ok. You go girl. I am currently LOL’ing at Draya’s description of Jackie’s tattoo: “tribal illuminati taste the rainbow symbol”. Perfect.

Jackie and Malaysia meet up for dinner, and I’m starting to think that all these women do is eat and drink. Malaysia is so pretty. Even if she is boring, she has style. Maybe that’s how she expresses herself. I find it funny that Jackie calls all of these women sisters and they don’t seem like they care about her. For example, why is Jackie letting Malaysia tell her that she has mental problems? They clearly all think that Jackie is a joke, and if I were Jackie, I wouldn’t compromise my self-respect for 15 minutes of fame. Also, Malaysia, “row with the flow” isn’t the saying.

Gloria and Draya are talking about Jackie, who seems to always be the topic of the conversation. These women devote a lot of time to talking about someone they cant stand. Next week is Jackie’s pool party, and it should be interesting.

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