Basketball Wives LA: Recap 2×06

by on October 30, 2012

Draya and Jackie fight and Jackie is escorted out by a bouncer. Gloria tells Laura to go check on Jackie and I cant help but think that Laura is so two faced. She’s nice to Jackie’s face, but talks so much s*** about her behind her back. She pretends to be the realest but is the furthest from it.

Jackie is so dramatic. Why is she constantly crying? How is she constantly hurt? Didn’t she start the fight? She provoked Draya, but Draya “she done hurt her soul”? I really don’t understand Jackie.

Jackie and Bambi meet up to talk about the fight and the wedding. Jackie is defending herself and Bambi is on Jackie’s side, which is hilarious because Jackie’s manipulation is obviously working.

We then meet up with Malaysia, Laura, Malaysia’s sister (and Bambi) at an event Malaysia is hosting for Lupus. Malaysia is so shy and has to be prompted to speak to the crowd. That’s kind of endearing about her. I think it could possibly get annoying. But at this point it’s cute. Question: why is Malaysia’s sister’s dress so tight? How is one sister so stylish and the other is so…not? Laura says that she’s done with Jackie and says Jackie emotionally drains her. Laura is definitely trying to play Jackie.

Brooke and Draya are meeting up for a play date with their kids. Brooke does not look old enough to have 3 kids!!! What!!!! Both of these ladies look amazing after having pushed humans out of their…you know. Draya and Brooke have obviously made up. Draya doesn’t want to have anything to do with Jackie, but she seems mature about it. I have to agree with her that it is wrong for them to smile in Jackie’s face and laugh behind her back.

Bambi and Draya meet up, and I’m glad that Bambi is being real about her allegiances. Draya isn’t going to Bambi’s show because of Jackie, which is probably a good idea. Bambi performs and now I see why she keeps wearing those pink bandanas. I guess it’s a part of her look. Jackie has a meltdown because Bambi’s show reminded her of her mom…ok. Jackie is crazy for real.

Laura meets Brooke to tell her about the Jackie meltdown while Malaysia and Bambi meet Draya to do the same thing. Draya says she’s not going to Jackie’s wedding, and I really don’t blame her. Laura meets Jackie to talk about…guess what? The party. Laura admits to talking about Jackie behind her back, which is admirable.

Bambi, Malaysia, and Laura are shopping. Malaysia and Laura are over Jackie, they don’t know if they’re going to her wedding, and Bambi is frustrated. Bambi says they need to let Jackie know if they are or aren’t, and she’s right.  I’m starting to like this Bambi chick.

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