Scandal Recap 2×04

by on October 26, 2012

BOOM! Episode 4 was pure explosive. There is never a dull moment and always something unexpected. We know it’s wrong but somehow we just can’t get enough of Olivia and Mr. President. That may no longer be the case.

President Grant and First Lady Mellie seemed to be getting along last episode, but Olivia has ruined all chances of a true reconciliation – and boy oh boy can you tell. His attitude toward his wife has become increasingly intolerable with every word being utterly sarcastic. Careful Fitz, remember that your wife will blow you away.

Pope and Associates take on a missing girl case. The mother and father of a college student have requested the services of Olivia after they have reported their daughter missing. The daughter appeared to be an all American girl but appearances can be deceiving, thanks to Harrison and Quinn. Harrison is a fan of a blog that posted weekly updates of someone’s escapades. When Harrison sees that the blog has not been updated, which is highly unusual, he connects the dots and figures out that the writer of the blog is the missing girl. Since the time that the girl went missing, the blog had not been updated.

On the other hand, State Attorney David Rosen has a hidden agenda. Last week’s episode ended with him and Abby in bed and they were still in bed in this episode. While in bed, David’s phone rings and Abby wants to know who it was. David tells her that it’s his mom and that he needed silence because he didn’t want her to flip out. Abby goes to take and shower and David spills his little guts to the person on the phone.
He reveals that he is only using Abby to get information out of her but he was still working on it. Poor Abby or should I say backstabbing Abby.

Abby is at the office while the team is in search of the missing girl. We all know that Abby is still reeling over the “Who is Quinn” situation and quite frankly I don’t think she likes Quinn that much. Olivia is in her office continuously pacing and the team begins to worry. Abby decides to take a shot at trying to get Olivia to open up and let her in. That didn’t work and Abby suddenly got an idea.

Because Olivia is always keeping secrets, Abby wanted to know what kind of secrets David was keeping. She breaks into his apartment and sees “The Wall”. She too was amazed at what she had come across.
Back at the office, Quinn gets a lead on the case as does Olivia. While Quinn and the family is awaiting the fax of a picture of the victim, Olivia beats her to the punch. The picture is not of the girl but Olivia is called to a crime scene where she identifies the body of the missing girl.
The next day, pictures of the girl with several different men including political figures are plastered over the internet and also on the TV. Turns out that she had been having the time of her life, sleeping around with all sorts of guys.

David’s assistant has obtained phone records from Quinn’s ex-boyfriend from the day of the murders. They noticed that he had made eleven calls to the same number. When David goes to investigate this lead, he meets with an oil tycoon. When David asked if he could speak with the security guards, he was quickly turned down. This tycoon guy had something to hide.

Olivia is dividing her time between the case and her friend, a woman serving as a Supreme Court Justice. Liv’s friend is battling cancer and is going through chemo and she is there to show her support. When the say that older women are wise, that’s the truth. Liv’s friend knew all along that she and the President had been having an affair. She advised Olivia to make a decision concerning her relationship but as usual, Olivia denied everything and asked her to move along.

The team digs through the missing girl’s background and figures out who killed her. Although the figured out who had killed her, they couldn’t do anything about it. This guy could not be touched or arrested because of his diplomacy. The only way around it was if the President made a call and gave orders to lift the statues of his diplomacy.
Olivia makes a visit to the White House to have the problem fixed but President Grant did not approve and Olivia left almost in tears. When the girl’s father learned that his daughter’s killer had gotten away, Huck tries to convince him to stay calm. The Father was out for revenge, looking to kill the diplomat but Huck had already taken care of it. By the way, Huck has been attending AA meetings to help with his addiction of being a murderer. He uses AA as a cover-up for obvious reasons.

Abby decides that she was more interested in a relationship with David, who actually liked her, and somehow dismissed the fact that she worked for Olivia. Instead, it looked as if she was helping him try to solve this case.
The President meets with Olivia privately only to break her heart. He basically asked Olivia to choose him and she didn’t. “We’re over. I’m ending this. It’s what you wanted right”. Mr. President gets up from his seat while Olivia holds back the tears until he leaves. And then she has a break down. He is the only one who makes her vulnerable. The best part about this situation is that the First Lady and Olivia teamed up to help the family of the missing girl and this absolutely left the President in a state of quandary.

The oil tycoon is joined in his office by the Supreme Court Justice which left me totally confused. Seconds later, in comes Cyrus and The First Lady which made me stand to my feet. What in the hell was going on? To my surprise, Olivia joins them. “David is a problem Olivia”. Mr. Tycoon says these words while informing the crew that David is on to Quinn. WHAT? WHO? WHY? HOW? WHEN?

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