Didn’t See The Bible: The Epic Miniseries On History Channel? Stream Or Buy Now On DVD.

by on April 19, 2013

Did you miss The Bible: The Epic Miniseries on the History Channel? If so, the series is now available to buy on DVD or stream at Amazon.com. If you choose the digital streaming option, you have the option to just catch up on just the episodes you missed for only $1.99 each. Currently the series is going for $40 on DVD and $35 on Blu-Ray – a rather odd price rehearsal. Definitely don’t buy it from the History Channel’s website where its listed for $59.99. Yikes!

The series was a slam dunk for the History Channel and critics drooled over it when it aired. There’s no doubt it will be a contender in future TV awards shows for its category, and will continue to draw positive attention to the History Channel. Do you see the History Channel making a resurgence with its new productions such is this one and Vikings?

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