Several Creepy Behind Scenes Photos And Video Jamie Foxx As Electro

by on April 18, 2013


Jamie Foxx is playing the Marvel comic villain Electro in the sequel to last year’s The Amazing Spiderman. For those in need of some character background, Electro, formerly known as Maxwell Dillion has a story not too different from spiderman’s. Dillion was a regular guy who worked as a power line repairman. A lightning strike occurred during a power line repair and mutated Dillon’s nervous system. He was transformed into a living electrical capacitator. Dillion stole equipment from Stark Industries to increase his own power. Check out photo and video footage released taken from SuperheroHype.com and DailyMail.



Let there be light: Jamie looked far more sinister when the lights on his costume were switched on

That's different: The comic book version of Electro has been yellow and green but the new version certainly gives the character a futuristic look

Set in motion: On Monday night, it appeared the star was shooting one of his first scenes as he stumbled through the streets of New York after being hit by lightening, which triggers his evil powers

Villainous: Foxx looked quite the villain in his blue make up

Nemesis: You wouldn't want to bump into him on a dark night

The destruction caused by Electro.


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