Taste of Success

by on April 14, 2013


Dreams really do come true. That’s the case for Jackson State University Alum, Morenike Matory. She is living her dreams as a first time published, might I add successful, writer.

A native of Jackson, MS, Morenike grew up loving literature. Through her writings, she was able to explore life more vividly and imaginable. Her dreams of becoming a writer were not always supported but she never gave up hope. Instead, she wrote down what she felt. With her master pen and pad, Morenike’s words came to life.

As the years progressed, her works improved dramatically. Gaining the support of her peers and educators, she went on to write her own short film entitled “Shoe-icide”. With fans waiting anxiously for the premiere of the film, Morenike’s film became an overnight sensation. The film addresses issues such as materialism, domestic abuse, and HIV awareness in the African American community. Powerfully written, the film continues to succeed with more and more people tuning in and watching.

Her first published novel, “Taste of Insanity” was available for pre-order as early as February of 2013. By the original release date of April 1, 2013, “Taste of Insanity” was officially sold out. I got my copy too. Morenike’s fans have been absolutely supportive as they have continued to buy her book and spread the word about this up-and-coming Black Author.

As every person has a goal, Morenike has a few of them and the world will watch as she rises and reaches every single goal. “My goal is to become a world renowned novelist, English Professor, social activist, and one day have my own radio show. With dedicated fans and a supportive family, Morenike is sure to be everything that she ever dreamed of being. Let’s support this BLACK AUTHOR as she reaches for the stars.

“Shoe-icide” can be seen on YouTube at and PLEASE PURCHASE A COPY of her first published novel “Taste of Insanity” by going to Amazon


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