Scandal Recap 1×06

by on September 28, 2012

This episode opens where the last episode left off, the POTUS is at Olivia’s front door.

He says he didn’t kill Amanda Tanner. Olivia knows. He says he had sex with Amanda one time. He will tell Olivia the details if that is what it takes (for forgiveness). She doesn’t want that information. She mocks herself saying you cheated on your mistress with your girlfriend. He corrects her, “you are not a mistress”.

He says he brought the sex tape, and she needs to hear it.


It is 2 years prior. President Fitz is Governor Fitz. He’s campaigning, and asks his campaign staff if they h


ave any suggestions. Olivia steps forward from the back of the room. She says the problem is he and his wife need to be together more. It looks like they don’t have sex with each other. She is unabashed by the room full of supporters who watch her. Fitz asks her name.

Same flashback – Cyrus likes Olivia. He believes she said what every one else in the room didn’t have the guys to say, and he tells Fitz this. Fitz tells Cyrus fire her. Cyrus disagrees.  Olivia enters the room.  She overheard everything, but is unphased. She lets Cyrus know she will charge her hotel to the campaign budget.

The president catches her in the wall. She says she left a paying job to do this as a friend, she’s good, and asks why does he want her fired. Fitz says he agreed with every word, and he would be lucky to have her. They are pretty much breathing on each others faces at this point. Olivia says this is why you fired me? Awkward moment. “Can we get back to work?” she asks.


Gideon and Quinn are eating grilled cheese in bed at his apartment. He goes to the other room to work, but wants Quinn to remain at his place. He studies  a video clip with the President in it on his computer.Dartmouth David and his assistant are also try to solve Amanda Tanner mystery.


Olivia and Cyrus speak to Fitz and wife. They tell the couple they need to appear closer. This ends with the coup

le have a screaming fit about their marriage.

Fitz and his wife manage to play on their romance at a press event. Right after, he is back to flirting with Olivia. Cyrus interupts one of these flirtations, and announces that his wife is having an affair.

In the next sequence we see Olivia where Olivia first met Vice President’s chief of staff, Huck is homeless and doing work for her, Harrison is also working for her at this point in time.

In fact, she has Harrison find Governor Fitz’ wife’s lover, and he blackmails him into denying his


At a press event, the President gives a speech and says “I’m a man in love with a beautiful woman.” Obviously Olivia, and not is wife, is his true inspiration.

In the next scene, Fitz and Olivia are together in an impossibly long elevator ride. They move closer toward each other, but it the elevator stops before they touch. It opens up on a floor where the campaign team greats Fitz to celebrate. He gets off. She stays on. When the doors close, she leans against the wall and catches her breath.


Gideon is researching Amanda Tanner. He finds out her boyfriend is watching her dog. Wait…Amanda

Tanner had a boyfriend??

Dartmouth David is still trying to solve the case.


Olivia, Fitz, and others are working on campaign. He invites her to leave the room. He asks her to stand with him outside the door for just one minute. He wont be president, she wont be who she is. His wife interuppts.

Next they are back on campaign trail. Fitz wife tells this BS story about a baby she lost at 8 weeks pregnant because of the stress of campaign. Says Fitz wanted to end presidency run, but she didn’t want him too.


Dartmouth David and his assistant think it was the boyfriend who killed Amanda Tanner.
Gideon is also still looking into Amanda Tanner.


On the campaign bus at night – a refreshing setting for a scene on TV – Olivia goes and sits with the president in one of the back rows, away from people. Most of the crew is sleeping upright in their chairs.  It’s quiet, dark.

Fitz brings up his marriage “what kind of a coward was I to marry her and not wait for you” he asks. They end up holding hands in secret, it feels useful, especially in the bus setting.

The bus arrives at the hotel. The whole crew enters. Fitz and Olivia hesitate outside of her door. Then, decisively, she goes into his room instead, suitcase and all. The president says “Take Off Your Clothes.” It gets a bit steamy for ABC.

The camera cuts to underneath the president’s bed. The pair are being recorded. Turns out a person outside in a vehicle is receiving the incoming audio (how cliche). He sends it over to the person who had them recorded.Turns out it was the soon to be Vice President’s Chief of staff! Amanda Tanner passes him the tape!


Gideon makes the breakthrough discovery that the Vice President’s chief of staff was Amanda Tanner’s boyfriend.

Olivia is listening to the sex tape in her apartment alongside the president. When she hears him say “take off your clothes,” she realizes it is the two of them on the sex tape.”Cyrus got this in the mail? Why now?” she asks
Olivia realizes the black mailers used Amanda Tanner to frame a murder on the president!”All they had was a voice. They needed a girl.”

As they president collects his jacket to leave he stops and asks for 1 minute. They stare at each other then sit he holds her for 1 minute in actual TV silence.

Gideon is invites the Vice President’s chief of staff over to his apartment. Gideon says he knows he and Amanda had an affair. Gideon says she was pregnant with his baby. VP turns around and stabs gideon in neck with scissors. Gideon lies on floor bleeding.


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