Scandal Recap 2×02

by on October 5, 2012

Scandal Recap 2×02 The Other Woman

Olivia is lying in bed and her phone rings. It is president Fitz. It appears he’s been calling every night. He says they are just friends. Olivia says reminds him of his pregnant white. “Who fixed that for me?” he reminds her. They hang up. Her phone rings again. This time it’s a client. Its so pressing she gets out of bed and wakes the crew. They convene at the office.

It turns out a famous pastor named Marvin Drake has gone missing. He has many enemies and received death threats for performing a gay marriage ceremony.  Olivia’s job is to find him and she has no leads so she ends up calling Dartmouth David for help. He’s still sour for losing the case to her client.

Harrison ends up tracking down a hotel room where Pastor Drake is thought to be. The crew goes to the hotel. In the room there’s a woman handcuffed to a bed. The dead, almost naked body of Pastor Drake is sprawled out on top of her. Olivia and crew free the woman and come up with a plan to get Pastor Drake out of the hotel secretly. Their mission now is to preserve his reputation. Huck misunderstands Olivia thinking she wants him to cut up the body parts to get him out of the room. She says she wants him in one piece. It becomes clear his mind is in the wrong place. They return the body to his wife Nancy. To cover up the true manner in which he died, they put him his bed and tell his wife to climb in beside him wearing her nightgown and call the police.

President Fitz is presented with photos of children killed in the Sudan. He asks his staff to provide for military options on his desk by noon. Cyrus, who we learn is planning on having a baby with his partner, is suspicious of the photos. He see a young mid 20s “kid” in the room who looks uncomfortable after viewing the photos.

The crew go over background for the deceased Marvin Drake. They find out the affair with the woman in the bed with his body has been going on for 15 years. Next they will try to silence those who new about the affair. Harrison pays people off in a sequence.

The president and his wife have a squabble in the oval office. She passes on the news to him about Pastor Drake who apparently supported his presidential campaign. He is disappointed in the news.

Marvin Drake’s mistress asked for $6 million from Marvin Drake’s wife to keep quiet about the affair. Olivia tells her she has no leverage, and Mrs. Drake will never agree. The mistress calls her son into the room. It is Pastor Drake’s secret son.

Olivia tells Drake’s wife what the mistress has demanded in return for her signature on a non-disclosure agreement. In the next scene Olivia goes back in forth between the two women negotiation the $6 million dollar deal.

They finally agree on a deal that involves setting most of the money in a trust for the son.

Harrison reports that the medical reporter wants to do an autopsy on Drake’s body. This is bad news.

Meanwhile, Quinn has left down and meets her dad in a cafe. They’ve been estranged and want to reconnect.

Olivia goes to Dartmouth David to prevent the autopsy order. She swears there was no foul play in his death. When he says no, she tells him it will only make things worse for him. It sounds like a threat, but she says she is warning him as a friend.

The president meets with his military staff. He wants to take military action in the Sudan within 12 hours. Everyone leaves the room but him and Cyrus. Cyrus tells him he doesn’t believe the photos they saw. They go and confront the nervous looking kid the president spoke to earlier.

Huck tracks down Quinn who is still visiting her dad. Quinn is upset that her dad doesn’t believe in her innocence. Huck tells her after what happened she won’t be able to go back to her old self. He takes her back home.

President Fitz talks to the kid and he says the millet growing in the picture beside the children in graves is an indicator that the photo is not current. The millet hasn’t been growing due to global warning. He believes it was photoshopped, but no one listened to his opinion. The president calls off the military activity.

The president and Olivia are on the phone late at night again. Both laugh when she tells him about how she found Pastor Drake. They won’t want to disrespect Pastor Drake’s memory, but the irony of his compromising death are overwhelming for President Fitz. The laughter stops when Olivia says the woman was his mistress. There is an awkward silence. He asks Olivia what she wants from him. She says to let her go. He can’t do that. Olivia gets overcome with anger and tells him what she really wants is for him to make the court order for Drake’s autopsy to go away. She raises her voice in an uncharacteristic way. He says consider it handled.

Olivia preps the Pastor Drake’s wife for a visit from the First Lady. She tells her all she has to do is say thank you. The President’s wife visits Mrs. Drake. The camera’s come in with the First Lady. Mr. Drake breaks down and everyone leaves the room but the First Lady. Mrs. Drake tells her about the cheating. The First Lady sympathizes and tells her to still “be his wife” and gives an an unexpected speech full of anti-feminist sort of backwards ideas.

Dartmouth David is told to take a mandatory vacation by his superiors – has to do with losing the last case to Olivia. He’s frustrated.

The last battle for Mrs. Drake is her husbands funeral. She attends and Olivia has to calm her. Tee mistress and her son will also be in attendance. The President is in attendance. He gives a long gaze at Olivia before giving a speech.

The funeral almost ends without incident. As they walk out and carry the casket,Mrs. Drake stops. She offers an arm to her late husband’s mistress and her son. They join the group walking out together.

In the car President Fitz’ wife asks for his forgiveness and wants to make up. She says they cannot live in a constant war zone, and somewhere inside she is the girl who kept him warm years ago. He takes her hand and says he forgives her. He asks her forgiveness in return, then pulls away and looks at papers. That was short lived.

Huck goes to an AA meeting. He uses whiskey as a metaphor for tortuing people. He says he used to get paid for drinking whiskey a long time ago because he was really good at it. Now it’s all he can think about. Yikes.

Cyrus tells his partner he can’t have a baby because he already has a baby named president Fitz. He adds that Fitz is a genius and may actually change the world. This was news to me.

Olivia talks to an older woman we haven’t seen before. She is apparently a contact of Olivia. Olivia tells her about Quinn’s recent troubles. The woman says Quinn could bring down the government.

Dartmouth David is at home and hasn’t stopped work. At home he’s got photos of Olivia and Quinn. He’s got a grudge against Olivia and a lot of spare time on his hands.

Scandal returns to ABC in 2 weeks!


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