Scandal Recap 1×02

by on September 28, 2012

The show opens with Olivia and crew collecting items from a woman’s house. Mr. Dartmouth, David Rosen, shows up at the scene and wants Olivia to cease activity. He wants dibs on  searching the house. Olivia says if that’s what he wants, he’d better get a warrant. She brings the belongings back to her office to the client and owner of the house.

Quinn arrives at the office late. She’s brought coffee for the crew. She tries to get caught up on the new client. She joins the rest of the crew in an interview of the her. The client turns out to be DC’s finest madam – a female pimp. She provided services for Stephen in the past.

Next Quinn finds out Amanda Tanner is also a new client and is bewildered. Quinn is given instruction to babysit Amanda Tanner, make sure she follows instructions and stay by her side. Quinn expresses her bewilderment, but Olivia stops her and tells her not to ask questions.

The show cuts to a clip of the President who is scheduled to make a supreme court nomination. He wants to get it over with quickly.

As the crew focus on their other client, Madam Stacey, they pin up catalogs of all the men and women who have provided or received escort services under her. One of the pinups is a photo of the man being nominated for supreme court.

Olivia tries to get into the White House to warn the president of the character of the man he is nominating for the supreme court. There is no way this aspect of his background would not eventually be dug up, and it would reflect badly on the President and his party. Olivia is having a hard time getting access to the White House. She is on a “do not let enter list” at the security gate. The Vice President’s Chief of Staff, Billy, walks up behind her, pulls some moves with the security guard, and gets Olivia access.

Flash to Quinn babysitting Amanda. Amanda gets a phone call from a reporter, and Quinn doesn’t like this. Quinn speaks to Olivia on the phone, and when she gets off the phone, Amanda is gone. Quinn goes back to the office to get help finding Amanda.

In the White House, Olivia talks to the Supreme Court Nominee Judge Keating, and his wife. He denies any interaction with a prostitute. His wife stands by him. Olivia has a feeling he’s being honest.

She begins to doubt the accuracy of Madam Sharon’s list of past clients. She talks to Madam Sharon about it. Sharon reveals some information about her list is not what it seems in order to protect her clients.

When Olivia get’s back to her office, David Rosen appears with a subpoena for Madam’s list. The list must be turned over in 24 hours.

At the office Olivia runs into Quinn. She asks immediately why she isn’t with Amanda. Together they head to Amanda’s house to see if she is there. When they Arrive, Amanda wants to be left alone. Olivia apologizes for driving Amanda over the edge and gives a speech, one of many to come, convincing the audience and Amanda both that she doesn’t want to take on the media alone. Amanda appears non-responsive, but Olivia is confident. She directs Quinn to leave contact information under the door. Amanda will call.

Olivia thinks about the information Madam Sharon gave her and realizes why the Supreme Court nominee was on the list. His wife was a prostitute. Olivia confronts the wife and she confesses. It turns out that her husband didn’t know what she did when they were dating. She used the money she earned working to put him through law school and make him the judge he is today.

Now the list of names is due, and Keating’s life’s work is on the line. Olivia comes up with a plan.

Olivia has Quinn stay to guard over Amanda at the hospital, and keep news reporters away.  Sure enough, a young reporter from the DC Sun shows up for a quote. Quinn finds him attractive, but does her best to make him leave.

A sequence of Harrison finding powerful DC men from Madams list, and blackmailing them into a meeting ensues. The men gather together and Olivia invites the madam in. When one of them tries to deny his involvement in Madam Stacey’s ring of prostitutes, she reminds him of his personal sexual preference. He becomes compliant immediately.

Olivia is able to get these mean to wield their power and accomplish two separate things. First, she gets the subpoena for madam’s list recalled. These powerful men don’t want that information public. Secondly, each of them gives a personal testimony to Keating’s character publicly.

Olivia goes to the White House. Despite this happening, Judge Keating agrees a Supreme Court placement is not possible. Judge Keating and his wife have a screaming fight behind glass doors over his damaged hopes. He seems to be forgetting he wouldn’t be where he is without his wife ,who paid for his law school career, anyway. The president stands by Olivia and observes that with love they can get through this. Olivia doesn’t see how.

Back at the office, Olivia learns Amanda has asked for Quinn’s help. Someone enters, and it turns out to be the reporter from the DC Sun, his name is Gideon.  He knows Olivia and Quinn are involved in the big story revolving around Amanda Tanner. He demands her a quote.




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