Fox Announces Sleepy Hollow Renewed For Season 2

by on October 5, 2013

blacktvshow-sleepy-hollow-renewed-season-2-www.blallywood.comThe third episode of the new wacky-comedy-horror police procedural series Sleepy Hollow has been renewed for a second season. Fox made the announcement Thursday, October 3rd. The network is in love with the shows ratings and the buzz the show generates on social media. The bad news is, Fox seems to have committed to short seasons. Season 1 and season 2 will have 13 episodes each (NYTimes). Now we all know shorter seasons can result in a higher production value, take Breaking Bad for instance. Actors aren’t over taxed, and can give shows their all while having time off to recharge or act in films for half the year. It would be great to see Nicole Beharie still doing movies with her show on the air. However, Scandal had a 7 episode 1st season, while its second and third seasons were stretched to 22 episodes each. Sleepy Hollow fans would have loved to see this.

*It was also announced that the Sleepy Hollow premiere has now been watched more than 22 million viewers, (Zap2it) which is really an insane number.

Hey its early yet, do you think Fox will change their minds and make the second season longer?


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