Viola Davis And Shonda Rhimes Show ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Takes The Cake! Watch.

by on May 14, 2014


How To Get Away With Murder is the title of an upcoming Shonda Rhimes produced show starring Viola Davis, Alfie Enoch (you’ll recognize him as Dean Thomas from the Harry Potter films), Aja Naomi King, and a few other up and coming actors. It looks to be one of the most promising new series’ for fall 2014. The acting ability of Viola Davis, combined with the experience of producer Shonda Rhimes at creating hits, and a hot,young supporting cast really make this series stand out. The uniqueness of the plot certainly doesn’t hurt either. The series revolves around a group of law students taking an introductory criminal defense class taught by Davis. When the group becomes entangled in a real life murder plot, they have to put the lessons they learn to real use. Watch the 90 second trailer and the extended trailer below. Post in the comments whether the show is on your watch list.

The extended trailer is even better

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  • Amicus

    If I was to bet, I’d bet that this will be a huge hit because of the Shonda effect, where it’s naughty enough to attract the curious, its characters are warped enough to keep us guessing and of course the writing and plot-line will be Shonda Rhimes excellent.

    • AnyaAtBlallywood

      Yep, she knows how to hook her audience and keep them. She picked a top quality actress which other prime time TV shows seem to be willing to compromise on if the actor fits their look. It will turn Hollywood politics upside down if it is a success :-)