The Other Black Woman In The White House – Alfre Woodard Is President

by on June 8, 2014

State of Affairs - Blallywood

In an upcoming series from ABC, Alfre Woodard will play the most powerful person in the world, the President of the United States. That means there will be two Black women in the White House on major television networks with Scandal’s Olivia Pope on ABC. Woodard’s role will be a regular one, not just a one time event. However, the series doesn’t focus on her as the central character. According to NBC, the series focuses on CIA Analyst Charleston “Charlie” Tucker (Katherine Heigl) who prepares the President’s daily briefing. In addition, Charlie Tucker was once engaged to the President’s son before he died in a terrorist attack. Charlie, a survivor of the same attack wants to bring the terrorists to justice. At the end of the day, Charlie always focuses on her job which is to serve her nation and the President. The series premieres Monday November 17th  at 10/9c PM. Have you already heard about Alfre Woodard playing President on this show? Is the curiosity of seeing a Black woman in the White House enough to make you tune into a few episodes?

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