Lauren London Says Filming “The Game” Is Acting Bootcamp

by on March 24, 2013

black-actresses-lauren-londonLauren London joined the cast of BET television show The Game after the departure of Tia Mowry was finalized. London, along with the show’s new male star Jay Ellis, will help fill in the void caused by the departure of Melanie and Derwin.

In a recent interview that was posted on BET, London answered some questions about her experience filming for The Game season 6. London was nervous after getting the role, but became more comfortable as time passed. Her exact words were: “I’m just trying to do my best, and I hope people see that. It’s a lot of responsibility trying to get more people into the show, not less. But I think this new cast, we all blend really well together, and I think it’s going to go in our favor. “

London also explained why doing the show took her outside of her comfort zone. When asked about making the move to Atlanta to film the show every single day, she gave the response:  “It’s more challenging than anything. I’m very comfortable at home where I live. I’m just that girl who doesn’t like to move around. So moving to Atlanta and shooting every day, it was like boot camp — actors boot camp. But you know, it really stretched me out as a performer. To work that much every day, just be thrown into it. Now I can go into auditions and meetings with a confidence I didn’t have before.”

The Game season 6 premieres on Tuesday, March 26 at 10/9c pm.


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