Person of Interest Recap 2×10

by on January 22, 2013


The latest number is Abby Monroe, who had until recently worked for a charity for injured soldiers. They feel as if she’s hiding from someone and Reese rushes out to find her.

Carter talks to a guy she’s dating named Cal about Davidson and the tip she got about a cop killing him. The man has heard things about HR. Donnelly takes Carter aside and tells him his team is shifting priorities to the man in the suit. They have information about who is working for. He thinks Snow may have been recruited by the man in the suit. He offers Carter a temporary assignment with the FBI and believes it could turn into a full-time gig. Carter calls Finch to tell him the news.

Carter meets Reese at the Department of Planning. Apparently Monroe downloaded a building plans file illegally and nobody knows where she is. Carter tells Reese about Donnelly’s theory that he’s working for China.

Using footage from nearby cameras they spot Monroe getting on a motorcycle with a man. They see the man is wearing a high-end prosthetic hand. The motorcycle has been seen at an explosive robbery a few days earlier.

Fusco makes inquiries about Cal.

Finch doesn’t think Monroe could be involved in domestic terrorism since they got her number. Finch plans to look into the charity she had been working for.

Reese finds the apartment complex where Monroe and the motorcycle man have been hiding out. Inside he finds a picture of her little brother, Josh. Finch is told that Monroe was fired for stealing, ultimately talking significant amounts from the charity which gives loans to veterans.

Reese watches Monroe’s video for her parents. In it she says the reason she’s going to break the rules is complicated, but “it’s right.” She says she knows Josh would be proud of her.

Finch is told Monroe’s problems started after she met a Marine named Shane Coleman. He is an explosives expert who lost his arm during service.

Carter tells Finch Coleman had been in deep financial trouble.

The man Finch spoke with at the charity, Chapel, tries to track him to find out Monroe’s location. Finch is ahead of him and hides the GPS transponder on a laundry truck. After hours Finch breaks into the charity and runs into Coleman.

Reese finds Monroe.

Finch and Coleman get what they want and Coleman helps him escape the scene on his bike.

Reese asks Monroe about the video for her parents. She tells him that Chapel is a thief. Reese tells her he’s a former soldier. Coleman calls Reese and Reese tells him they should meet. Monroe tells Reese that Chapel’s loans have ruined the lives of hundreds of soldiers. She says she’s going to do “the right thing.”

Finch has tapped into Coleman’s prosthetic arm, allowing him to track their movements.

Carter tells Cal about her offer from Donnelly. He thinks she should go for it. Cal gets a call from Quinn.

Fusco listens to Quinn and Cal’s meetings. Quinn asks about a certain Russian mob situation. Simmons catches Fusco while he’s listening. Fusco tells him to watch his back. Simmons tells him to leave.

Finch tracks Coleman and Monroe to an investment bank where the cash being shared with Chapel is stored in a vault.

Chapel tells his men to get to the vault and “finish it.”

Donnelly tells Carter he has the break he’s been looking for. He thinks the key to finding the man in the suit is his phone. He SWAT teams standing by should Reese use his phone.

Coleman tells Monroe to go home but she wants to stay and help him finish the job. Reese shows up and wants the whole story. Their plan is to give the money back to the soldiers. Monroe tries to go the DA but got nowhere. Finch wants him to stop them, but Reese says he has a thing against people who screw with vets. Two minutes before the job is done Finch notices that the FBI is monitoring the line and tells Reese to leave. Reese wants to wait. They break into the vault and find that Chapel has stolen $30 million. Chapel’s thugs arrive and Reese starts to shoot it out with them.

Donnelly’s team gets word of the shootout and head to the scene. She calls Fusco and tells him to give the guys a head’s up.

Quinn and Simmons talk about the Russian mafia. Quinn’s interested in a new revenue stream and says HR needs new friends. Simmons’ job is to talk to the Russians and open a dialogue.

Minutes before the bank is set to open, Reese, Monroe and Coleman are trapped in the basement. Finch arrives with ID badges for everybody.

After the bank opens Carter arrives at the bank with the FBI. Chapel is also there. Finch gives Monroe and Coleman their IDs and gives them a back-story. Reese tells Finch that he’s not going to make it and tells him “it’s been fun.”

Finch tells Monroe and Coleman he’ll empty Chapel’s accounts and deposit the money into reputable military charities.

Carter tells the FBI she doesn’t recognize any of the men found in the basement, Reese being one of them. All of them are placed in cuffs.


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