Person of Interest Recap 2×07

by on December 5, 2012

Is there a glitch in the system? The “Machine” has spewed out the same number twice and that is something that has never happened. Reese and Finch are on a mission to save another life, with a few interruptions of course.

Reese is out and about in the field when he gets a call from Finch saying that the “Machine” has recognized the number that came out. The second time is always a charm. The number belonged to an old friend who was saved before by Reese and Finch, Leon Tao. As Reese is walking down the street, he comes to a halt as Leon comes flying out of a storefront window. Two mafia guys walk out behind him and Reese tells them to back off. They choose to ignore him, and Reese chooses to ignore the after affects they will face after a good old fashioned take down from Mr. Reese.

Reese and Leon walk side by side as Leon is escorted back to Finch’s “Office”. Reese explains to Finch that he has brought him there because he had nowhere else to take him. Leon is confined to the “Office” where Reese has given him everything that he will need until they return – food and books. Just in case he tries to escape, Finch has a special friend on watch mode: “Bear”, the dog.

Reese and Finch lock up as they head out on a mission. The machine has pulled the number of a gifted surgeon in New York. They have to figure out if this surgeon is a threat or in imminent danger. They arrive to the hospital, posing as financial administrators and they meet surgeon Madeline Enright, played by Sharon Leal, who is Chief of Heart and Trauma. Dr. Enright introduces herself and notices that her glasses are missing. Finch has a pair of spyware glasses that he picks up from the couch and gives to her.

Dr. Enright has been selected to perform heart surgery on energy tycoon Oliver Veldt. Veldt has the entire wing secluded because the surgery is being done in secrecy. If word gets out about his surgery he could face damaging competition, or even a loss of his position. Veldt has entrusted his lawyer to confirm the success of the surgery, and to ensure the carefulness of the surgeon or face lawsuit. Veldt has many enemies, and one particular one follows suit as he is aware of the surgery and has a major plan in motion.

On another case, Fusco is called to a murder scene and finds a man shot to death near his car. While searching for evidence on the body of the victim, Detective Fusco discovers Carter’s business card in the victim’s pocket. He gives her a quick call and tells her to get to the crime scene immediately. Carter arrives at the scene and Fusco gives her the card which he has collected and bagged. There’s a number written on the back of the card that reads “6611th”. Fusco asked Carter if she knew what it meant since it was her card. She replies back and tells him that she has no clue.

Back at the hospital, after repairing a victim’s gunshot wound, Maddy, Dr. Enright, takes a much needed break where she is surprised by her wife, Amy. They chat quickly about their day’s forthcoming work and then it’s back to work. Maddy returns to her office and finds a gentleman there, staring out of her window. She informs him that he can’t be there but he quickly gives her an ultimatum. The gentleman, Mr. Alistair Wesley goes on to question Maddy’s surgical technique and informs her that she will be forced to botch the surgery of Veldt or her wife will be murdered. Leland shows Maddy video feed of her wife and her current whereabouts.

As they both leave her office, Finch quickly breaks in and hacks Maddy’s computer to get access of the video feed of her wife. He sends the live feed to Reese who is able to triangulate the sniper’s position. Reese finds the sniper and shoots him with his own gun, after a bit of a battle. The sniper’s phone rings and it’s Alistair, who informs Reese that there are snipers surrounding Maddy’s wife in the Park. Reese gets a call from Finch who instructs him to get Amy out of the Park quickly or Veldt will die.

Maddy has been instructed to inject Veldt with an anticoagulant and make a small incision in his heart, leaving the serum to take affect while he dies on the operating table. Maddy has a needle with the drug in her pocket and prep’s herself for surgery. Before she enters the room, Finch shows up, dressed in scrubs to inform her that he knows what’s going on and that he is there to help. He tells her that he has hacked into the hospital system and stalled the surgery by submitting that there was a shortage of blood supply for Veldt. Maddy believes Finch; after all, he knew specific details about her wife. Maddy’s colleague, Liz enters the room and is introduced to Finch.

At the station, Carter reviews Babic’s background, the victim, and confirms that he worked in the service industry at a lot of tech companies. One company, Fujima Technitronics, is at 66thand 11th Avenue and Carter realizes that someone left the number on her card to lead her there.

Reese brings Fusco in to watch Amy while he meets with Alistair. As they go in, Reese tells Finch that they’re dealing with professionals and finch gets an idea. He calls Leon and tells him that they need to follow the money trail and see who had the finances to hire Alistair and his team while holding a grudge against Veldt. When Leon refuses to try and go past Bear, Finch has the accountant put him on speakerphone and tells the dog in Dutch to stand down. Leon goes to work and Finch warns him not to try and hack his computer.

After confusion about the blood supply is fixed, Maddy is informed to begin the surgery. She has no choice but to administer the drug and she has to move forward. Finch sees what she’s doing and tells Reese, and receives a call from Leon. The accountant tells Finch that he’s hacked Veldt’s records and discovered that he turned down the chance to invest in offshore wind farms. Someone has been short-selling the company’s stock and if fails then the seller will make a fortune. Leon is trying to track the server that routes the stock sales and promises Finch that he’ll keep digging.

Finch interrupts the surgery and assures Maddy that everything is going fine. She calls for a break and leaves Liz to monitor Veldt’s vital signs. Outside, Finch tells Maddy that Reese is trying to save Amy. Maddy steps away and takes a call from Alistair, asking why she stopped the operation. He connects Maddy to Amy to reinforce his threat, and Maddy says that she just wanted to hear Amy’s voice. She assures Amy that everything’s fine and says that she loves her. Meanwhile, Finch calls Reese and tells him that Alistair has someone on the inside since he knew within a minute that Maddy had halted the operation. Reese realizes that he has to move and tells Finch that he’s going to get Amy out.

Carter heads over to Fujima Techtronics and notices that the building is being evacuated. The guard informs her that there has been a robbery and a shooting. Carter quickly glances to the side of the building and sees agent Snow exiting the door and going into another one. She follows him through the doors and into a tunnel where she tells him to freeze. He turns around and she asks why he killed Babic but he revealed that he had to. Snow opens his jacket and reveals a bomb strapped to his chest. He tells Carter that “She” made him do everything and that it was not his choice. Carter asks who is she and before she receives an answer, the lights go out and shots are fired. A mysterious woman fires at Carter who quickly maneuvers to a safe place. Snow has disappeared and so has the woman.

Finch has received documents from Leon on Veldt’s company and some illegal deals that have been made. He meets with Veldt’s lawyer and presents him with the documents claiming that he was the one behind the threat. The lawyer knew nothing about the scam and begins to worry. Finch is left questioning himself as to who the co-conspirator is. He knows that it’s someone in the hospital.

Maddy is back in surgery and notices that Veldt is bleeding out. She soon figures out that Liz was the co-conspirator and that she tried to kill Veldt. As they begin to brawl, Finch knocks Liz out with an overhead lamp. Maddy is able to save Veldt’s life after all and perform a successful surgery.

Reese and Finch cover Leon’s head with a black bag, leaving him unable to see his surroundings. He’s dropped off on a corner where they take the bag from his head and put him in a taxi. Finch tells Leon to stay out of trouble and they send him on his way.

Reese meets with Detective Carter who informs Reese of what has happened. She wants to know who the mystery lady is but Reese asks if she is ready to learn the entire truth. He tells her that she’s the only one with a real family and asks her if she was ready to jeopardize that by delving into something so dangerous. Fantastic episode! I absolutely loved the multiple plot lines. Let’s keep this going.


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