Forbes Ranks Eddie Murphy #1 Most Overpaid Actor

by on December 5, 2012

According to a list compiled by Forbes, Eddie Murphy tops the list as Hollywood’s most overpaid actor. How did they come to this conclusion?  They compared the money Murphy brought in with his last 3 live action movies, Imagine That, Tower Heist, and A Thousand Words. The box office total for these 3 films was $196.3 million dollars.

These movies were stacked against 3 movies Eddie Murphy was in during the 1980s: 48 Hrs., Trading Places, and Beverly Hills Cop, which earned $316.3 million. And that’s without adjustment for inflation.

Also Forbes via LA Times concludes that Murphy’s recent movies bought in $2.30 for every dollar he made in his last 3 films.

To be fair, Eddie Murphy’s last 3 movies weren’t all aimed at the general audience.

Do you think this was a fair conclusion?

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