Jamie Foxx says Kerry Washington Asked To Be Whipped For Real In Django Unchained Scenes

by on September 6, 2012

Jamie Fox was interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel this week, and a Huffington Post blogger picked up some of his quotes.

Foxx described the movie as “land heavy” and said the actors had difficulty filming tough scenes.

He also had plenty of praise for director Quentin Tarantino. During filming, Tarantino would play music to get emotion out of the actors right before filming a scene. There was crying on the set.

His co-star Kerry Washington, who plays his wife in the film, gets whipped in front of Foxx’s character in one scene.  Foxx says reports that she asked to take real lashings:

“Kerry Washington, bravely says, ‘I want to take the lashings.’ We were actually in shack row at the time. Now it’s not a real bullwhip, but it’s still an impact.”

Sounds intense!

Let’s face it, everyone who has seen the trailer wants to see this film. The question is, will you be going on opening day, which happens to be Christmas Day 2012?

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