Why Tyler Perry Couldn’t Stop Apologizing to a Co-star on Alex Cross Set

by on October 16, 2012

Tyler Perry trained in the art of Krav Maga (the official self defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces) for his role in Alex Kross. According to  Hollywood.com, Perry almost knocked out his co-star Matthew Fox (Lost) who plays the Villian. Here’s the quote from Perry:

“I kept feeling within myself that he (Fox) was too close. I wouldn’t commit all the way to the turn and I was afraid to completely let go because this Krav Maga training I took is really amazing. I had major issues because I didn’t want to hurt him.

But (director) Rob Cohen kept pushing me and pushing me, and finally I just let go. My elbow came too close and I hit him in the temple. Matthew spun around and we’re on the catwalk of this scaffolding and I grabbed him because I thought he was going over.”

Tyler Perry goes on to say he felt so bad about the even that he had to leave the set. He apologized for days to his co-star.

Co-star Matthew Fox took the incident lightly saying:

“Tyler caught me with an elbow in the face about midnight on the scaffolding when we were doing that stuff. He was so unbelievably horrified that he did it that he called me every day just apologizing. I tried to let him off the hook saying, ‘It’s no problem man’. I didn’t get seriously hurt.”

This wasn’t the only incident on set. According to the same article, Perry got on the bad side of a stuntman after Perry pushed his son during a fight scene in a restaurant on director’s orders. Looks like Tyler Perry had a little trouble not being in full control of the operation. Will the physical commitment he displayed on set add to the believability of his performance?


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