Tyra Banks Sells Narrative TV Show To ABC

by on October 14, 2012

Tyra Banks has sold her first scripted show to the ABC television network. With her show America’s Next Top Model is in its 19th season, she definitely knows what it takes to make a television hit. While her past shows have been reality or talk based, this one will take the form of a narrative.

The NY Post reported the title for the show is Fivehead, a mean nickname kids imposed on Tyra because she had a large forehead.  

The show will tell the tale of Tyra Bank’s teen years as she transitioned from high school to modelling in the high fashion world.

John Legend made a similar deal selling his life story to the Fox network (talked about in this post). Studio are really shelling out the cash for bio tales.

Why don’t they look up celebrity bios themselves, change names, and brand them as their own ideas? Aren’t the studios throwing away cash? Perhaps there something unique in these celebrity stories that requires they be bought. What do you think?

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