Person of Interest Recap 2×02

by on October 16, 2012

This show gets better every episode. Carter and Reese pack up their bags and head to Texas. Reese found a lead on the woman who abducted Finch, and is determined to take her down. Carter and Reese find an old new article about a young girl who went missing after leaving a library and was never seen again. The description of the young girl, Hannah Fry matched that of the woman they were after.

Reese checks himself and Carter into a motel where they are forced to share a room. Just so you know, nothing happened. I was a little disappointed but I digress. They headed to the Sheriff’s station hoping to get access to Hannah Fry’s file. Since Carter is a legal detective, she tried bargaining with the sheriff but he wouldn’t budge. When Carter returned to her car, Reese was sitting in the car, reading the file.

Carter definitely is used to his antics because she didn’t even ask how he obtained the file. As Reese and Carter went back to the hotel to work on more leads, Finch was out and about with his abductor. They were out at a restaurant where Hannah was plotting yet again.

Although Finch had never told anyone about the Machine, there was a government operative who found out about “The Machine” and tried to access it but was unable to. The operative knew what the machine was capable of and had taken control of the machine only to sell it to another operative for a whopping $1. Yep, you read that right.

Hannah’s plan was to drug the woman sitting across from her, who was having an affair with the government operative. She drugged the woman, who passed out, and then took her phone. She sent a text message to the operative, disguised as his mistress, telling him that they needed to meet and it was an emergency.

He fell for it. They all ended up at a house in the woods where the operative was being tortured, Israeli style. Finch was also drugged with truth serum but as the woman left for a quick run, the operative was able to unravel himself, with the help of Finch and knock her out.

The entire time, this guy was a double operative. As he tried to shoot Hannah, he realized that the gun was not loaded and Hannah ended up killing him.

She took Finch to the train station to try to escape. Meanwhile, back at the hotel, Carter and Reese found out that the local librarian knew the missing girl and would help Reese and Carter to figure out who this woman was.

The missing girl was taken by the librarian’s boyfriend who ended up killing her. An old back pack was found under the pavement in the Librarians yard, that of Hannah Fry, which would also lead to the homicide of Hannah Fry.

Further into the investigation, Reese realized that it was Hannah’s childhood friend Sam, who had informed police of her abduction the night she left the library. Sam also informed the librarian of her boyfriend’s involvement and was threatened to never say anything. Sam disappeared soon after and no one knew where to.  Reese is able to find Finch by a code that he left behind. Finch is saved but the woman escapes. When they all return back to New York, Reese thinks that everything is over but he receives a call from her and let’s just say that it was not nice.

Detective Fusco was in New York the entire time and he found out that the Captain was working with a crooked detective.

That precinct has all kind of shenanigans going on and I love it. You can catch the third episode Thursday, October 18th on CBS at 9/8 central.

Watch the show and let me know what you think. If you know great TV when you see it then you will absolutely love this show.


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