Boondocks Back In April, But Are The Show’s Glory Days Behind It?

by on March 24, 2014



A teaser for Boondocks season 4 was posted to the Adult Swim YouTube channel. The teaser doesn’t show much of anything to fans. We don’t get color images of the characters or scenery. It has been confirmed that Regina King returned to voice Huey and Riley, while John Witherspoon returned to voice Grandfather Freeman for season 4. This news provides a hint of consistency though we don’t get to hear their voices in this trailer. Are the boys “all grown up”, or are they the same age as ever like characters in long running animated series such as Family Guy and The Simpsons. 

Long time viewers of the Boondocks want to know what to expect. The show debuted back in 2005 and had gaps of 2 then 3 years before seasons 2 and 3 aired. The differences in the quality of the later seasons was obvious. Some of the show’s edge and novelty eroded as Boondocks began to resemble a cartoon rather than a satirical vehicle disguised as one. Now its been 4 years since the show aired brand new episodes. Will the new season be reminiscent of the show’s glory days, or will it be just another cartoon?

The last piece of Boondocks related news, reported by The LA Times, is that series creator Aaron McGruder was not involved in the upcoming 4th and final season. The ramifications of this are up for debate. Presumably McGruder was involved in season 3 which fans like myself felt was lacking in originality. Who was responsible for the shows degeneration?

Watch the trailer for season 3 below:

What do you think of the Boondocks series’ evolution over time? Are you looking forward to season 4? Post your thoughts below!



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