How Are Your Favorite Shows Featuring Black Stars Doing In Ratings?

by on November 5, 2012

Do you know how your favorite shows featuring Black stars are doing in the ratings?

This question is important for fans who want to know if their show will get renewed for another season.

Ratings determine how much money the network makes. The big networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox need big viewer numbers, ideally around 10 million, for a show to be considered a sure thing for renewal.

Cable networks have different business models and can afford less viewership. General around 3-5 million viewers per airing will make these shows a success.

Lets take a look at 5 vastly different shows that are recapped regularly on Blallywood.

1. Person of Interest

A clear first place when it comes to shows with the Black lead characters. The action packed drama featuring Taraji P. Henson has exceptional ratings. 13.50 million viewers turned in for the most recent episode.  It beat out Two and A Half Men.

Person of Interest fans have nothing to fear. This show is not going anywhere!

2. Scandal 

The show’s fans are passionate.  The show has been competing with Elementary for the top scripted show in its late Thursday night time slot. The most recent episode of Scandal, which aired October 22nd, had 6.3 million viewers, was the most watched scripted show in its time slot.

3. Basketball Wives LA 

This season viewership has dropped nearly in half with a recent episode earning only 1.19 million viewers.  Fans may get a little worried.

4. Key & Peele

This show has also been getting viewers n the 1 million range with a recent episode garnering 1.4 million viewers. The production costs on this show seem low, so these numbers could be doable.

5. Last Resort

This show has been making gains all season with the exception of its most recent episode. The last new episode, which aired on October 25th,  had 6.4 million live viewers. The ratings were hurt by the World Series.

6. Keyshia and Daniel: Family First

The show’s performance was nearly identical to that of Basketball Wives LA with 1.19 million viewers for its last episode.

Any favorite shows on this list? If so, how’d they do?

Is there a show missing that you want to see ratings reported for? Leave a comment.


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