Keyshia & Daniel: Family First Recap 1X04

by on November 5, 2012

As we enter the “Thought You Had My Back” episode, Keyshia is on the phone with her sister, Elite, informing her that their mother Frankie is in rehab.  Elite is glad to hear the news and is willing to come out to LA to visit her.   Keyshia understands that it is a gift to be able to connect to the sober Frankie, and is eager to help her sister experience it.

In the meantime, Daniel is with his trainer at an indoor pool doing walking exercises as a part of his rehab.  He realizes that this is going to be a long and excruciating process.  As basketball has always been his outlet and main release for tension and frustration, Daniel admits that his inability to play has put a lot of tension on him and “Keys” relationship.

As the scene shifts, Keyshia & Daniel are hanging out at Chalice Studios where Keyshia is working on new material with, song writer & producer, The Dream.  With everything that’s happened with her mother’s rehab, Daniel’s injury, and pressures to deliver a great album to her fans, Keyshia is constantly worried.  During the session, Keyshia and The Dream (with whom she’s working for the first time) slightly flirted while vibing on song writing ideas as Daniel sat on a couch nearby, watching them suspiciously.

Other industry guys were present at the recording session, but Daniel’s focus was on the interaction between The Dream & Keyshia.  He shares that he tends to get on guard and his ego surfaces when he sees his wife in an atmosphere where he knows that other guys may be looking at her.  Yet, he never wants to interrupt the vibe that she has going on.  His mistrust lies with the people she’s dealing with, not Keyshia.

Later on, we hear Keyshia and Daniel arguing, on the other side of a closed door, about jealousy issues and their inability to communicate effectively.  Keyshia believes that they don’t know how to hear each other, and Daniel feels like what’s the use in being married if you don’t put all your eggs in the basket.  Not understanding where he is coming from, Keyshia leaves the condo.

While walking her dog (Lola), which is her coping mechanism after a disagreement, Keyshia calls Daniel to continue the conversation.  They discuss raising their son in an environment without seeing his parents argue, and after trying to speak through continuous interruptions from his wife, Daniel hangs up on Keyshia.   Keyshia adds that they never really come to a mutual agreement after and an argument which is a recipe for disaster.

Back at the condo, Elite is greeted by Keyshia and son, DJ, as she arrives for her impending meeting with Frankie; armed with bags that she apparently stole or sister-borrowed from Keyshia.   Ready to finally release some of the anger she has toward her mother, Elite is mentally prepared see her.  Elite expressed that the last time she saw her mother, Frankie slapped her.  She and Keyshia discuss Frankie’s past battles and new struggles with recovery on their way to the rehab facility.  They greet an eager Frankie with compliments and hugs.

Meanwhile, Daniel is filmed driving and soliciting advice from his grandfather, Jay, over the phone on how to figure out his issues with his wife.  He acknowledges that he has trust issues with women and that they both have a mind-set that they are independent and sometimes don’t need anybody.   Grandpa Jay suggested that Daniel, “Just open up and talk”, and reminds his grandson to respect his wife’s feeling as she should respect his.  A visibly exhausted Daniel decided to take that advice.

Back at the rehab facility, Keyshia and Elite sit with Frankie over lunch and share laughter and jokes; like Frankie’s comment about the “real biscuits from the can”.  They move on to discussing Frankie’s likes and dislikes about the facility but quickly change gears and start in on Elite’s turbulent experiences while dealing with her drug habit.  Frankie apologized and is soon irritated, announcing that she doesn’t want to keep talking about the past and have it thrown in her face.

Keyshia is tasked with being the mediator between the two and calms the conversation with comforting words about giving each other love instead of harsh words.  They share a tearful embrace and start the journey to learning how to love.  On the flip, Keyshia still has her own relationship to deal with.  A call comes in from Daniel and she steps away to give it her full attention.  Daniel expresses that he feels like he’s at his breaking point and states that he doesn’t even know what they were arguing about.  Keyshia, once again, does not accept his feeling, and this is where we are left.

Will their relationship weather this storm?  Should Keyshia take some of her own advice and share a little more love and compassion when dealing with her husband?  Weigh in…


BET, Tuesday 10pm.

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