Basketball Wives LA Recap 2×02

by on October 11, 2012

Season two of Basketball Wives Los Angeles has begun, and the ladies do not disappoint in Episode 2. The episode starts out with Malaysia inviting Jackie Christy back into the circle after her falling out with the rest of the “wives”. Gloria comments that she needs to be in an insane asylum, and we just know that this episode will be good. Side note: what is UP with Draya’s headband? The wives are passive-aggressively mean to Jackie, and it is very high school. Jackie handles it well, and we can tell that she is really trying to get back into the wives good graces. If I were Jackie, I would have told them all where to go. No woman who is not my mother is going to tell me how to act, when to apologize, and what appropriate behavior is or isn’t. Jackie should have shouted out “Only God can judge me! Especially not you hos”, but I’m assuming VH1 had something to do with this ambush, and Jackie probably wanted the camera time, so I cant feel too bad for her.

We then cut to the new girl Brooke who is very pretty. She is dating Vernon Mack, and the beach scene they taped seemed very inauthentic and staged. I mean really…that conversation about surfing? Either they have nothing to talk about or they’re both idiots. They don’t even seem like they like each other, but maybe they’re not into PDA (more than likely they’re both not good at acting).

We then cut to Jackie and Malaysia (pronounced Mah-lay-cha by Jackie) walking down the street (which is super weird. Why are they walking down the street? Where are they going? Awful editing award goes to VH1). They’re rehashing the previous drama, and it’s boring, so I choose to focus on aesthetics. Malaysia looks cute and Jackie’s boobs are noticeably two different colors.

Vh1 takes us to catch up with Draya, another off the wall headband, Brooke, and Gloria. The only thing I can focus on is Draya’s inability to make anything possessive. In referring to Jackie, she says, “she doesn’t realize the damage that she done”. REALLY? Is it that hard for your mind to turn she into she’s? But I digress. Gloria is boring as usual, and I’m wondering why VH1 kept her around.

Draya and Brooke have drama after Draya refuses to share the set with Brooke. Brooke thinks she’s unprofessional and Diva Draya refuses to shoot unless it’s on her terms (which means being the only “model”) on set. Brooke meets with her manager while at the same time Gloria is meeting with hers. I’m wondering why these girls have managers and fear for Hollywood’s future if its being turned over to these no-talent women. My worries are put at ease when Gloria’s manager informs her that he booked her for a 6 episode web series. LOL. Also, never trust a manager who wears busted air force ones. P.s- I wouldn’t hold my breath for that feature film he’s promising you, Gloria.

We then cut to Jackie and Laura. Jackie looks great, and I’m wondering if all these women went to the same personal trainer. Laura also looks good, but girl PLEASE hit up Malaysia’s stylist because something isn’t working for you. Jackie has more apologizing to do, but Laura is not having any of it. She obviously wanted Jackie to tell all of them where to go. Laura refers to Jackie as a foot fungus, and besides the weirdness of the analogy, I’m left wondering how often Laura contracts foot fungi.

Mah-lay-cha and her friend are talking and we hear that Brooke is a HATER! Are these women actually working out? What is up with the headbands this season? Mah-lay-cha’s friend says Brooke hates her because all of Brooke’s men like her “shimmer” and she cant help it. Mah-lay-cha, your friend is ignorant.

Next week, we prepare for the renewal of Jackie’s vows, which is ridiculous. Why in the world does she need to keep doing this? Maybe her husband has Alzheimer’s and she’s trying to recreate The Notebook in her everyday life. Only time will tell. I guess we’ll find out next week.

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