Watch Best Clips & Bloopers From Jimmy Kimmel ‘Scandalabra’ Episode

by on April 18, 2014

scandaljimmykimmelepisodeJimmy Kimmel aired a special episode of his late night show following the season 3 finale of Scandal. He was joined by Scandal series creator Shonda Rhimes on a white sofa. Scott Foley poured a bottle of red wine into Kimmel and Rhimes’ massive glasses as they talked about a series of Scandal clips that played for the audience. The clips included never before seen bloopers, behind the scenes footage, and past Scandal interviews. The top clips are all embedded below beginning with the blooper reel. Enjoy!

Watch the never before seen bloopers

Watch part 1 of the behind the scenes footage

Watch part 2 of the behind the scenes footage

A Scandal informant spills dirt

Watch a montage of Scandal actors appearances on Jimmy Kimmel

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