Note To Self Full Trailer, DVD Release This Fall

by on August 10, 2012

Details about this film a month ago were scarce. In the last post, IMDB had this film summarized by the phrase “Love And Basketball Meets Good Will Hunting“, and the parallel seemed like a bit of a stretch.

Now there is a full trailer which reveals the supporting cast:

  • Christian Keyes
  • Letoya Luckett
  • Jason Weaver
  • Brian McKnight
  • Clifton Powell
  • Richard T. Jones

Here’s our condensed version of the Full Synopsis that was posted on IndieWire:

Curtis King  is a handsome and popular student athlete.  He is in a Fraternity, on the basketball team, carrying a full class load, and interning at the University hospital.  This is Curtis’ senior year, which he is expecting to be filled with parties, women and fun.

This already sounds a bit outlandish, working, basketball, internship, full class load, yet he’s expecting parties, women, and fun hm…

Curtis mother becomes sick, he gets a reality check, and becomes intrigued with Letoya Luckett’s character Paula.  His journey of self realization begins.

Watch the trailer.

We know in romances the main couple always winds up together, but in this trailer we see a shirtless Curtis King interacting with a female just before he is interrupted by an irritated Letoya Luckett. Lets hope this takes place before any real relationship develops between the two of them! The film will be available on DVD October 2nd.


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