Michael Cane, Alfred From Dark Night Trilogy, To Play Samuel L. Jackson’s Butler!

by on November 17, 2013

black-actors-samuel-l-jackson-starring-michael-caineSamuel L. Jackson is appearing in an upcoming remake of the film¬†Harry And The Butler. Jackson will play Harry, and Caine, known for playing Alfred, butler to Batman, in the Dark Knight Trilogy, will be playing Jackson’s Butler. The original 1961 film featured two white characters as the stars. Movie viewers aren’t accustomed to seeing a Black man with a Butler, so the response should be interesting.¬†

In the original film, the character of Harry was a poor junkyard assistant who inherited a large sum of money and decided to hire a butler with the cash. Not the best rags to riches story, but it will have to do.

The film is scheduled to kick off production in spring of 2014 according to Cinema Blend.

Both actors in this film are at a time in their careers where they’d usually be found in a supporting role. What kind of audience do you think the film will attract with these two gentlemen as leads?

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