Everything We’ve Seen From J.J. Abram’s “Almost Human” Starring Michael Ealy & Karl Urban

by on August 8, 2013

michael-ealy-black-actor-starring-almost-human-www.blallywood.comProlific show creator and Hollywood director J.J. Abrams is bringing a new science-fiction action show  titled Almost Human to the fall 2013 television lineup. It stars Michael Ealy as Dorian, an android possessing the ability to feel emotion, as well as Karl Urban (Star Trek Into Darkness), as John Kennex, the law officer who gets Dorian assigned as his partner. The performances, special effects, and story lines that have been reveled in promotional footage for the Fox network show have, so far, been absolutely breathtaking. We’ve included a compilation of the various teasers that have been released, along with the official promotional poster revealed at comic con.

Michael Ealy’s android head is the main feature of the poster.

Black Actor Michael Ealy Almost Human Poster www.blallywood.com

For those with limited time, the 30 second teaser below explains the gist of the plot. Every cop in the future is required to be paired with a robot partner. Ealy’s model is unusual. Ealy explains how he is unlike other models: “I’m not like them I was made to feel”. As his model is unveiled, a voice warns that Ealy’s model, Dorian, is a bit glitchy.

The 1 minute 30 second trailer gives a little more insight to the story. Karl Urban is partnered with Ealy’s model after an emotionless model did not suit him. He’s not thrilled with the idea at first, murmuring sarcastically,  “great I get the synthetic with the bleeding heart.”  Furthermore Ealy’s model, Dorian, is called emotionally unstable. The duo seem to have something in common.

In this behind the scenes video, executive Producer J.J. Abrams (Lost, Fringe, Star Trek Into Darkness) explains the series takes place in 2048 and every cop is required to be partnered with sophisticated Android in 2048. John Kennex (played by Karl Urban, Star Trek Into Darkness) rejoins the force after awakening with an injury, and finds he now has synthetic body parts. He’s paired with Michael Ealy’s model Dorian, who it turns out has some human components.

Below is the extended 3 and a half minute trailer for the show which will leave you sci-fi lovers eagerly awaiting the release of the first episode.

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