Sanaa Lathan Interview Snippets and Clips From Boss Season 2

by on August 14, 2012

The highly accomplished Sanaa Lathan will be appearing on the Golden Globe Winning Starz show Boss.  She’ll play alongside Kelsey Grammar, aka Mayor Tom Kane, as  Mona, a new member of staff . Her character is smart, dirven, and in the featured video below, described as someone who will go “Toe-to-Toe” with Mayor Kane. Interestingly,  their relationship doesn’t seem antagonistic from the description they’ve provided.  Check out this scoop on Lathan’s character Mona taken from the Starz website:

Mona is Alderman Ross’ strong-willed and politically savvy Chief of Staff. A native of Chicago’s notorious South Side, Mona grew up in the projects and pursued a career in politics to help the marginalized community from which she came. Incorruptible and unwavering in her ethics, she is every bit as dedicated to her husband and children as she is to her job. Impressed with her aptitude and intrigued by her integrity, Kane takes an interest in Mona that perhaps goes a step beyond political admiration.

Sanaa Lathan also gave an interview on the NYPost. In it, she talked a bit about how she got the role:

“I’ve been finding that over the last couple years I’ve wanted to stay home and watch cable television more than go to the movies,”

“So I told my agents, ‘I want to do a really good cable show.’ And wouldn’t you know, it was one of those weird synchronicity things that a couple months later, this opportunity came up.”

Lathan also says she doesn’t mind guest starring roles. She would rather not play the same character for years, and prefers the challenge of taking on new roles.

Catch a few clips of her in this preview for Boss season 2.

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