Scandal Recap 2×18

by on April 7, 2013

scandal-molly-your-in-danger-recapMolly, you’re in danger girl. No, seriously Molly, you’re in danger. Apparently, Molly doesn’t take well to threats because she is dead. I have said this before but this time is different. This is by far one of the best episodes of Scandal, ever. Twists and turns, sex and deceit, and whatever else scandalous people do. I’m like a scandal addict times infinity.

Fitz makes a public Presidential statement, confirming that Osbourne was a mole to the C.I.A even after his apparent suicide. Amidst the public statement, Huck and Quinn make their monthly sweep of Olivia’s apartment, searching for anything out of the ordinary. This Jake character is officially creepy. He knows that Huck does a sweep so he comes in and disconnects all the cameras in Olivia’s apartment before Huck and Quinn can get to them.

David Rosen and Molly are now free to go back to their regularly scheduled programs after the Gladiators have informed them that they are free and safe because the “Mole” has been caught and is dead.

Cyrus begs Fitz to agree to an interview with him and Mellie “Defending” their love to the public. Fitz is hesitant because he is tired of the pretending but Mellie agrees. Cyrus gives them advice on how to “Step it up” for the cameras and Fitz assures him that he has been doing that for twenty years. Mellie look on devastated but she agrees.

Cyrus storms into his house to get clothes to take back to the hotel that he has been staying in. James has demanded that Cyrus leave the house because he needs time to himself and quite frankly because he no longer trust Cyrus. Cyrus is ready to come back home but James still needs time.

Grayden Osbourne’s wife storms past Quinn and into Pope and Associates demanding to talk to Olivia. Mrs. Osbourne makes a claim that shakes up the entire office. She claims that her husband didn’t commit suicide but that he was killed. In his suicide note, he addressed her as Susan and not Susie as he has always called her in all of their years of marriage. She insisted that someone made him write the note. Harrison assures the team that it didn’t matter because Liv was not taking on her case. A few minutes later, Liv announces that she is taking on her case.

The Gladiators go to work, retracing the entire Osbourne case. Huck and Quinn noticed that Osbourne’s suicide was to perfect. Olivia meets with Osbournes personal security guard and request that he tell the truth about him. The guard spills the tea. Osbourne was not paying someone off but had a gambling problem. The dry cleaner’s clerk was his bookie. He liked betting on the ponies.

Fitz and Cyrus are going over schedules and Fitz suddenly has a heart again. He asked Cyrus about James and how he felt about the problem. Cyrus was not aware that Fitz knew about his marriage but Fitz told him that because he was the President, he knew everything.

At the office, Olivia confirms that Osbourne was not the mole which scared Abby half to death. She raced to David’s apartment to inform him that he would be going back to the office because he was not safe. Pack your bags David, back to the office you go.

Olivia called Cyrus to tell him that Osbourne was not the mole but Cyrus ain’t having it. This story that Olivia has “Concocted” is all a farce because the President went on national television and confirmed that Osbourne was the mole. Cyrus tells Olivia that she is wrong but Liv is sticking with her gut. Remember people, it’s all about the gut.
Olvia meets with Susie to tell her that her husband didn’t commit suicide but that he was murdered. She tells her to go home and rest while she handled it.

Olivia designates everyone a specific duty and even David is in with the Gladiators. Huck and Quinn trace back through Molly’s bank account and noticed that she recently made a deposit at a storage facility. To the storage they went.
Olivia and Jake are on the phone, as she cancels their date once again. She promises to make it up to him and he holds her to that. Creep. Jake that is.

Fitz and Mellie have their dateline exclusive as they reminisce over their first encounter with each other. They met at a bar, while Mellie was on a date with her boyfriend at the time. Fitz waited until he walked off and approached Mellie but was speechless when he saw her. She wrote her number on a coaster with eyeliner and sent him on his way. Olivia watches on as she seems bothered by this lie. She knows the truth and so do we America.

Huck enters the storage facility and goes to the third floor. He finds a wooden box inside the unit and opens it. To his surprise, there is nothing there. In a split second, Huck sensed that something was wrong but it was too late. He is attacked from behind by a mystery man.

Olivia makes an impromptu decision and brings dinner to Jake. I guess she felt bad for flaking out on him. Before he opened the door, he is seen gathering a bag with duct tape, cords and a gun. Even bigger creep. Olivia enters and brings burgers, since she doesn’t cook.

Quinn enters the storage facility because she is concerned about Huck. After all, he has been gone for a few hours. Duhh Quinn.

Back on their date, Jake insist that Olivia come down to “Normal people level” and have a beer with him. She does and she doesn’t like it. She attempts to go check her messages on her phone but he stops her because he didn’t want her to know that he shut her phone off. He comes up with a slick story about how checking her messages would mean ending their date and him not being able to do “This”. This meaning, give Liv the best she ever had. I’m pretty sure America was mad because she fell for this creep. Olivia honey, you gotta keep your cookies in a bag wrapped in foil with a bow tie.

Quinn called Harrison for help. While on the phone with Quinn, David tells Harrison that Molly has booked a flight out of the country and they needed to catch her before she left. Harrison gives Quinn some advice and she goes to work. The storage clerk, Zeke is busy watching cartoons and Quinn threatens him to let her watch the surveillance feed. She gives a few choice words to him and he gives in.

James is still not happy with Cyrus and his ability to lie all the time. He is bothered by the Defiance situation and lying on the stand for Cyrus. Cyrus tells him that he could have told the truth but he chose love instead so he needed to chalk it up and love him for who he was. James fired back and tells Cyrus that he wish he would have lied about Defiance. Now, I’m a little curious about James and what else he knows.

Harrison, Abby and David question Molly about her false allegations. Molly informs them that she lied to them because she was being threatened and if the “person” knew about what she was doing, she would end up dead.

Fitz is watching their interview and Mellie walks in. He reminds her of how they really met. He was at a restaurant with his Father meeting with a client and his clerk. He told of her of how his father liked to breed horses and how Mellie was considered a “Deal”. His father pretty much sold Mellie to him and they kept up their pretend marriage. Fitz asked Mellie if she was tired of the pretending. Mellie line of the week: “Pretending is what’s real. Every married couple pretends that they don’t hate their in-laws or their wife’s real laugh.” First off Mellie, I love you, secondly, you should seek counseling.
Olivia tries to exit the bed, filled by Jake but he lures her in with more sex. This would normally be hot but because Jake is a creep, it’s not.

Abby and David have a moment as he questions her about her feelings for him. She admits to the feelings but not to stealing his Citron card which means that he can’t love or trust her.

Quinn finds Huck in a unit on the third floor, locked in the same wooden box that he opened. Huck seems to be very shaken up and even looks as if he’s suffering through PTSD again. What did Huck see that we didn’t?

Olivia is able to exit the bed this time and go for a glass of water. She picks up the paper which has the First family interview on it. She turns on the t.v. to watch it but turns on the full surveillance of her apartment. Jake pops up like a stalker and pins Liv down to the floor. A man is seen walking through Liv’s apartment with a gun in hand. Liv black out after blood begins to gush from the back of her head.

Fitz makes a call to Cyrus to tell him that he killed Verna Thornton and wonders if Olivia would forgive him if she knew. Cyrus tells him that there are certain things that he should keep to himself. Fitz is interrupted as his secretary informs him that there is a situation.

Harrison gets a call, while the team is worried about Huck who has been sitting in a corner for hours. Harrison and Abby go down to the coroner’s office and identifies Molly’s body. Molly girl, I told you that you were in trouble.
Cyrus gets a call from his “Hitman” who tells him that there has been a bit of a setback.

Olivia wakes up in a hospital while Jake is watching her. He tells her listen to him. He comes up with a story as to how he found her in her apartment after she had been attacked. Liv is to stick to the story. In walks Fitz who shakes hands with Jake and thanks him for helping Liv. The door closes but through the glass, Jake looks on as Fitz wraps his arms around Olivia who is not so thrilled and utterly confused. Once again, we have to wait three freaking weeks until the next episode.


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