Will YOU See Chocolate City..Wait..Why Are We Even Asking?

by on June 10, 2014

chocolate-cityThe formerly “Lil” Romeo Miller is all grown up, and he’s finally proving it. Miller has been cast as the lead character in an upcoming film you may have heard some buzz about called Chocolate City. He will play a college student named Devin who turns to stripping in order to pay bills. This sounds exactly like the web series magic-mike-blallywoodHard Times that debuted in April 2014, but we’re not complaining. The film is being compared to Magic Mike, which has a similar enough story. Lets face it, most people, men and women alike, turn to stripping for the money. Its a tough economy and the job pays well. The basic story lines in this growing sub-genre are sure to have some parallels. I’m sure we can find unique differences if we really dive in to analyze and compare these films thoroughly. Since Magic Mike (the entree) came out first, and Chocolate City (the dessert) will follow next, why not plan to watch them back-to-back in that order? I recommend frequent pausing and rewinding so you don’t miss anything. Remember, thorough analysis.

Michael Jai White will play the strip club owner, while Tyson Beckford will play a stripper who helps “coach” Devin along the way. Eurika Pratts will play Devin’s girlfriend Carmen in the film. The film will be directed and written by Jean Claude La Marre, pictured in the bottom middle of the photo on this article. He is listed in the cast on the film’s IMDB page too, but we’re not sure whether the cast information is up to date.

Unfortunately Chocolate City is still in pre-production, so you’ll have to use your imagination while you wait.

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